Pre & Post Natal

We know exercising during pregnancy is beneficial for low risk mothers, but there are many myths surrounding what types of exercise are best and how you can modify your favorite activities to reap the benefits throughout your pregnancy. Read more about how we specialize in pre & post natal here or continue reading below to hear about our clients experiences and results:

Pre and Post Natal Client Results


"When I became pregnant - with TWINS I was concerned that maybe I couldn't continue working out because of complications. Luckily - with my doctors clearance, I could continue at Dancers Shape. I did a pre-natal private when I found out I was pregnant. The modifications helped keep my workouts safe. It was important for me to keep myself in shape physically, emotionally and mentally during this pregnancy. Luckily Dancers Shape helped with all those goals. I worked out until I was 34 pregnant with my boys! Dancers Shape helped get the blood circulating, and helped with my mood. It also kept my legs extremely strong (try squatting with a 40lb belly!). My lower abs remained strong and helped me hold the babies tighter to my body. I delivered my babies at 35 weeks via C- section and I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 3 weeks. Now I am working on toning the lower abs to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape. I don't have that far to go." READ MORE

Pre and Post Natal Client Results


"I was so lucky to find DS when I was 23 weeks pregnant because it was a better barre workout than I had been doing before; it incorporated more muscle groups while using larger muscles, burned more calories, and got my heart rate up higher than my previous barre workouts or any workout I had tried on my own. I was also able to work out with more consistency because my body felt leaner and stronger instead of being sore, tired, and worn down. Within 2-4 weeks of doing Shape I noticed significant changes in my body--increased metabolism, more muscle tone, and less muscle imbalance. referred to the DS pre-natal guide and modified exercises as necessary. Most importantly I listened to my body and stopped if anything felt uncomfortable or too difficult and awkward. The most amazing thing was how quickly I lost my pregnancy weight. Within 2 weeks from my c-section I actually weighed less than I did before I was pregnant! My metabolism was so high prior to delivery that the weight literally fell off." READ MORE

Pre and Post Natal Client Results


“I had the best plan ever for after my baby was born—be back into a regular workout routine as soon as I hit the mandatory six week wait post c-section. But by the time I was cleared to workout, I felt like I had an enormous mountain to climb—starting with not crying when I looked at my flabby self in the mirror. I ended up at Dancers Shape after my neighbor (also a new mom) told me how much she loved it, and that it had really helped her get back in shape after her daughter was born. After a few weeks of going to Dancer’s Shape classes, things were starting to look and firm up, and I was feeling a little more like myself and fitting into some of my old pants. No two workouts are ever the same so your body is always guessing. Even though the workouts are hard, you get stronger and your technique gets better and your butt looks better in your lulu pants—a little more each time.” READ MORE

Pre and Post Natal Client Results


“I have been going to Dancers Shape since it first opened. After exercising at large gyms over the years, it was so nice to find a smaller studio where I got to know the instructors well. In fact the ladies at Dancers Shape were some of the first people who I told I was pregnant! After telling Jennifer I was pregnant she and the rest of the instructors began to modify exercises based on what trimester I was in. I think by going to Shape, it helped prevent back discomfort during my pregnancy. I was still able to strengthen my back and oblique abdominal muscles to support my growing belly.” READ MORE

Pre and Post Natal Client Results


“Fitness has always been important to me – as much mentally as it is physically. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to continue to work out for as long as I could. Through Dancers Shape I was able to continue to exercise until I was 37 weeks pregnant! The classes are challenging, but can always be modified to accommodate a growing belly. Every time I stepped into class, I was able to take time to unwind and focus on me. I left class feeling rejuvenated. Even on days when I did not feel well or was tired, I always felt better after Shape!” READ MORE

Pre and Post Natal Client Results


“I feel like myself when I am at Dancers Shape. So much of myself has changed physically, but it is uplifting to still be able to come to the studio and do a good portion of the exercises I was able to do pre-pregnancy. I attended the prenatal workshop at Dancers Shape and learned so much about continuing to exercise the core during pregnancy using a wedge. Staying active throughout my pregnancy has benefited me by not experiencing any swelling in my extremities, maintaining flexibility and balance, and keeping my weight gain within a healthy, normal range.” READ MORE