Client Questions

It is my first time attending Shape method, how should I prepare?

We recommend pre-registering online. However, if you are unable to do so, then please arrive 15 minutes early to orient yourself with the studio, fill out new client paperwork, and speak with the instructor about previous injuries and/or restraints.

Barre, Pilates, Yoga Class Attire - Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in, like yoga pants and tops. It is helpful for teachers to see body alignment to properly adjust positions for the most effective and safe workout. You may be barefoot or wear gripper socks.

Cardio & Cardio Dance Attire - Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in, like yoga or dance pants and tops. Bring your tennis shoes.

Lockers are available so please bring a lock to safely store your personal belongings. Dancers Shape is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Do I need to have a high level of coordination to take the class?

The key premise behind Shape Method is to provide an accessible, fun form of exercise to everyone. Each class has been specifically designed to adapt movements for every level. Individual attention is given to assure proper alignment for a thorough workout. Classes are also leveled for an easy progression to the next level.

What should I expect during the different types of classes?

Group studio classes are either 45 minutes or an hour long, depending on the class. A low impact warm-up begins each class, followed by exercise sequences specific to each class. You might use light weights, the ballet barre, and other small accessories incorporated into choreography to work the core, joint stabilizers, and every major muscle group to the point of fatigue. This is the most efficient way to break through training thresholds and develop strength and muscle definition.

Group equipment classes will begin with getting you comfortable with the machine you are using (reformer, stability chair, jumpboard, etc) and are followed by a full-body workout with a maximum of 3 clients (at Burnet Road) or 4 clients (at Westlake) in a small group atmosphere.

A thorough stretch sequence follows all of our workouts to prevent injuries, improve blood flow, increase flexibility, and decrease soreness and stress. Classes are leveled so please read the descriptions to choose an appropriate level for you, or contact us if you need additional guidance.

Will Shape method help me lose weight?

Shape Method creates a toned physique. If you attend Shape Method 3-5 times per week and engage in a sensible diet, you will see increased muscle tone and decreased body fat. Muscles are denser than fat and take up less room in the body, resulting in the "shrink wrap effect." Muscles also burn more calories, even at rest. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn - an imperative to weight loss!

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How often should I come to class to see results and how soon will i see them?

We recommend taking a variety of Shape Method classes 3-5 times per week for optimum results. Research suggests that exercising 3-5 times per week not only has a positive impact on how you look and feel, but it also increases healthy life expectancy. Anticipated results from regular exercise include: increased muscle tone, improved posture, lower blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, decreased stress levels, improved psychological well-being, healthy blood triglyceride and insulin levels, and a healthy body mass index.

Every client is different, but those who attend class 3-5 times per week usually see results in as little as two weeks. The first changes most clients feel is an increase in strength. Visual definition is typically seen anywhere from 4-12 weeks. Results will vary from client to client due to diet habits, effort exerted in class, and frequency of attendance.

May I attend classes if I am pre/post natal?

Shape Method's certified pre and post-natal instructors have extensive experience with expecting mothers. We strongly recommend booking a 60 minute pre-natal private appointment before joining group classes. This session will review the do's and don'ts of exercising while pregnant and will walk you through all the modifications necessary during the core sequences of class. Our techniques are the best thing pregnant women can do to help maintain their fitness level while pregnant, prepare their bodies for delivery, and quickly bounce back once the baby arrives. Expecting moms may attend all Shape Method classes but notify your instructor if you are expecting so that they can provide modifications. Our recommendations are Restorative, Graceful, and Shape.

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May I come to class if I have injuries or am pre/post-surgical?

Injuries and special populations are one of Shape Method's specialties. We have extensive practice working with clients who are pre and post-surgical as well as special populations. We recommend starting with a private session to assess mobility and modification needs. We also suggest chatting with an instructor to see which classes are appropriate for your individual needs. Our basic and beginner classes are designed to gradually build strength and flexibility back in affected areas through modified strength exercises and orthopedic stretches. Please notify instructors before class of any injuries so that they may offer additional modifications if needed. If you have serious orthopedic and/or health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, please consult a physician for clearance before attending class and start with a private session.

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Will I get cardio benefits in your classes?

Our signature classes are aerobic but not in the traditional high impact format of jumping and running. Moves are low impact but performed briskly to elevate the heart rate and improve overall fitness. The Shape Method studio does provide additional classes that incorporate comprehensive cardio workouts. Please see the CLASSES page for detailed information or CONTACT US if you need guidance choosing an appropriate class.

How is the shape method different from other exercise methods?

The Shape Method is unique to the fitness industry. The technique was created by a professional dancer and Pilates practitioner of over 20 years, resulting in a more functional cross-training and rehabilitative approach to the original barre and Pilates fitness methods. This contemporary technique takes medically supported Pilates concepts and implements them into an upright position for weight bearing benefits. It also mixes full range movement (focusing on the eccentric muscle action) with small isometric joint stabilizing postures. This combination creates a more multi-functional approach to fitness with an emphasis on injury prevention and rehabilitation of old injuries.

The Shape Method technique implements safe pelvic positions and core alignment that support the spine and allow for a more effective and efficient work-out. The classes utilize and manipulate the students own body weight which is the safest type of weight for training. By implementing tweaked ballet positions into the Pilates approach, we are able to sculpt muscles from angles typically ignored by traditional workouts, creating exceptional joint stability and tapered muscle tone. The design of the Shape Method technique focuses on building a balanced body of length and strength for efficient pain-free movement.

What are the benefits of privates on the Pilates equipment?

We offer private and semi-private sessions in a fully equipped Stott Pilates Equipment studio. The benefits of working on the Pilates equipment is the ability to scale the resistance up or down according to strength levels. The equipment allows the body to work in multi-functional planes with spring resistance to strengthen the core and joints. Results are improved balance, posture, flexibility and coordination. We have clients that range from post-surgical, seniors, pre/post natal, and professional athletes that have benefited from the countless exercises and modifications available on this equipment. Privates are the best way to learn about the techniques and what modifications are best for your own personal body type.

Where is Shape method and is there free and easy parking?

Shape Method Burnet is located at 5350 Burnet Rd. in the Amli building. We are on the west side of the street between North Loop and Lawnmont across the street from Monkey's Nest.

FREE PARKING is located on the first and lower levels of the Amli parking garage attached to the building. Additional street parking can be found on Lawnmont Ave. View Map.

Shape Method Westlake is located at 5000 Bee Cave Road. There is plenty of free parking right outside of the studio door. View Map.