Conditioning for Athletes

Brian Orakpo Client Results

Brian Orakpo, NFL Linebacker

“The first visit this was one of the hardest workouts I have done but us football players love a challenge. The techniques offered at Dancers Shape have been really beneficial for me and my body feels tremendous. My flexibility and range of motion have increased and I am excited about when I step onto the field.”

Derrick Johnson Client Results

Derrick Johnson, NFL Linebacker

“Even though I am older, my pride is helping me compete with the younger guys. These young guys are starting out their careers great here at Dancers Shape by keeping their bodies healthy so they can play 10 years like myself. If I had had this as a rookie I might have played another 10 years. Staying healthy is the main part here at Dancers Shape and the different poses and stretches we do helps to prolong our careers.”

Emmanuel Acho Client Results

Emmanuel Acho, NFL Linebacker

“This definitely was a vital part of my workout going into off season. It’s about flexibility and core strength. I tore my MCL in the pre-season which kept me out my entire rookie season. This workout helped a lot with knee stability.”

Marquise Goodwin Client Results


“In the weight room and through the league we work on training our big muscle fibers which is what everybody sees, the bulk. We don’t get to work on the light fascia muscles surrounding the joints which is what we work on here at Dancers Shape. With the name Dancers Shape, you think it’s going to be easy girl stuff. If you come in thinking that - you are wrong.”

Josh B Client Results

Josh - Triathlete & Marathon Runner

After my second consecutive year of doing a full Ironman, my body was in rough shape and my hamstrings and hips were in serious trouble from an old injury. I needed a cross-training technique that would help balance my body from the wear and tear of competing. My pay-off from attending Dancers Shape - I’m 42 years old and ran the 3M Half Marathon earlier this year in 1 hour and 30 minutes (sub 7 minute pace) with only light running training. That was a couple of minutes faster than my previous best two years ago and in the top 5% of all 5,000 finishers. I’ve also had four great times in triathlons this year at the Rookie, CapTex, Pflugerville, and Couples. I think my barre training at Dancers Shape have really helped me regain my form, helped me overcome my nagging injuries from last season, and made me stronger. I’m now going regularly to both Core and Shape classes as well Athletic Conditioning. READ MORE