Mommas Bounce Back

Two new mommies, who are clients at Dancers Shape, wanted to share their story so other mommas-to-be can take advantage of the fitness benefits and be armed with important information.


Chelsea S. – Her story:

“Fitness has always been important to me – as much mentally as it is physically. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to continue to work out for as long as I could. ThroughDancers Shape I was able to continue to exercise until I was 37 weeks pregnant! The classes are challenging, but can always bemodified to accommodate a growing belly.

Every time I stepped into class, I was able to take time to unwind and focus on me. I left class feeling rejuvenated. Even on days when I did not feel well or was tired, I always felt better after Shape!”

What advice would you share with new moms-to-be? “While pregnancy is a beautiful thing, the pregnant woman does not always feel beautiful. Taking time to do things for yourself, like working out or a massage is important. Knowing that I was doing something good for my body made me feel better about the changes my body was going through.”


Katie P. – Her Story:

“I have been going to Dancers Shape since it first opened. After exercising at large gyms over the years, it was so nice to find a small studio where I got to know the instructors well.In fact the ladies at Dancers Shape were some of the first people who I told I was pregnant!

I love how both the Shape and the Advancedclass tone and tighten muscles you never even knew you had. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to continue to exercise throughout my pregnancy. After telling Jennifer I was pregnant she and the rest of the instructors began to modify exercises based on what trimester I was in. I think by going to Shape, ithelped prevent back discomfort during my pregnancy. I was still able to strengthen my back and oblique abdominal muscles to support my growing belly.”

What advice would you share with new moms-to-be? “Listen to your body! Your body is changing in crazy ways in which it has never experienced. The biggest challenge for me was to take a step back and not push my body too hard, including while I was in class. I still felt the benefits from the class even with exercise modifications. I am now post natal and have returned to Shape, and am excited to tone those muscles lost in pregnancy!”

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Are you pregnant? Or did you just have a baby? Contact us if you have any questions about the safety of staying active during pre and post natal. We are always hear to help!