Inspirational Client Spotlight: Paola's Pre & Post Natal (with Twins!)

Our client Paola recently gave birth to adorable twin boys! She worked out at DS before, during and after her pregnancy taking advantage of both our pre-natal private session and our new momma bounce back special. Now she's back to her pre-pregnancy weight and is working on toning her abs again through the help of classes like Core. Read her story below!

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Paola's Story:

I would often go to Monkey Nest (the coffee shop across the street from DS) and would see the Dancers Shape studio. I had recently moved from South Austin to a more central location and needed a new workout routine. I had read about how great barre workouts were, so I decided to give it a try. The intro special for first time clients is great. I gave it a try and it was a great decision.

Sometimes I would get caught up with the idea that to get a great workout, you have to do intense cardio in the highest heart rate zone possible, however this is not the case! Dancers Shape barre workouts are lower intensity, but focused on all your muscle groups. This does not mean that it's easy! Your muscles get a great work out, become stronger, and as a result you loose fat and inches.

I started with Dancers Shape about a year before I became pregnant. It got me in phenomenal shape! My entire body had never looked so fit. When I became pregnant - with TWINS I was concerned that maybe I couldn't continue working out because of complications. Luckily - with my doctors clearance, I could continue working out. I did a pre-natal private when I found out I was pregnant. The modifications helped keep my workouts safe. Jennifer was extremely helpful if I had any questions about modifications or alternate exercises. It was important for me to keep myself in shape physically, emotionally and mentally during this pregnancy. Luckily Dancers Shape helped with all those goals. I worked out until I was 34 pregnant with my boys! Dancers Shape helped get the blood circulating, and helped with my mood. It also kept my legs extremely strong (try squatting with a 40lb belly!). My lower abs remained strong and helped me hold the babies tighter to my body.

The boys were growing great and at every visit the doctor kept saying "Paola, just keep doing what you're doing." I kept going to Dancers Shape, and eating a sensible diet coupled with cookies and ice cream. :)

I delivered my babies at 35 weeks via C- section (they were running out of room & both breech), and I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 3 weeks. I was all belly! Now I am working on toning the lower abs to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape. I don't have that far to go. I like all the classes, but I stuck to Shape and Graceful towards the end of my pregnancy.

Now I am using the Bounce-Back special and slowly fitting all the classes back in my schedule. It is motivating for me to go back & get to my pre-pregnancy shape as quickly as I can. Though all the DS classes focus on your abs, I like Core the best because it targets the area I want to get back into shape - my lower abs. I have recently started to do kickboxing as well. It's a great complement to Dancers Shape.

As long as you have clearance from your doctor, Dancers Shape is a great way to incorporate a safe work out before, during, and after pregnancy.