We know exercising during pregnancy is beneficial for low risk mothers, but there are many myths surrounding what types of exercise are best and how you can modify your favorite activities to reap the benefits throughout your pregnancy.

Being certified in pre and post natal Pilates and personal training, the Shape Method team has researched and met with physicians and physical therapists to put together a comprehensive program that will walk women through each trimester with safe and effective options to help promote a healthy mom and baby before, during and after their delivery.

Here are some benefits of exercising throughout your pregnancy:

  • Helps prepare the body for delivery
  • Aids in postnatal recovery so you bounce back quicker
  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Reduced weight gain throughout your pregnancy
  • Improved psychological well being of the mother
  • Prevention of gestational diabetes

Following ACOG Guidelines, Shape Method has created private training and guide books for group studio classes that cover important topics like:

  • What changes to expect during each trimester and how it might affect your fitness level
  • How to modify “off limit” exercises
  • How to continue to work the most important muscle groups needed for delivery and recovery
  • How to address muscle imbalances around your spine as your body undergoes tremendous change in a short period to keep you comfortable throughout your entire pregnancy
  • How to heal and improve common problems after delivery like diastasis recti, pelvic floor pain, and proper spine alignment and joint stability.

Please consult your physician to be cleared for exercise. We require a signed Shape Method waiver on file.

Clients may select ongoing pre-natal training, or if your goal is to get into our group studio classes then we recommend one 60 minute session with a pre/post natal instructor to review the above information and how to use our pre/post natal modification booklet.