Client Spotlight: Straight From The Opera Singer’s Mouth

Dancers Shape classes are the high note of opera singer Tamsen Cohagan’s weekly routine. She spends her days singing and teaching opera while keeping up with her two children, Liam, age 10, and Kai, age 7. The working mom has been a regular at the studio for the past two years. Shape is her signature class, but she also enjoys Advanced, Power, Graceful, Groove, Core, and Yoga.


Classes at Dancers Shape expose this song bird to new musical styles and catchy tunes.“Even though I teach and sing opera, I’m inspired by a lot of different types of music.When you’re working hard in a workout, it always helps to focus on something other than your burning muscles. Each teacher has different play lists that she uses, and it’s nice to be exposed to music that I may not have already heard,” Cohagan says.

Finding time for exercise in her hectic schedule isn’t easy, but Cohagan makes it a priority. “I generally look at the calendar on Sunday to see what days I’m able to go to class. The key for me is to put the workouts in my calendar at the beginning of the week so that I don’t accidentally schedule something in place of exercise,” Cohagan says.

Making time for exercise has paid off. Cohagan says she has experienced noticeable toning in her glutes, abs, legs, and arms. Her stamina has improved, too. “I just went to Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana on vacation, and I did a lot of hiking. I did some hard hikes (one nicknamed the stair master), and my legs didn’t get tired at all. I owe that strength and endurance completely to Dancers Shape,” she says.

She encourages working moms and others looking for a new, challenging workout to give Dancers Shape a try. “I wasn’t in good shape when I started going to Dancers Shape two years ago, and I was initially pretty intimidated by it all. Once I started, though, I realized that people are just doing their own thing. It’s all about feeling better about your body, and I can unequivocally say that Dancers Shape has made a huge difference in the way I look and feel,” she says.


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