Up for the Challenge: Week 7

It’s hard to believe that this challenge is almost over (just 2 more weeks to go). I lost 1 lb. this week which is OK. I keep hearing that the last pounds are the hardest to lose so I just have to keep up my hard work and hopefully they will come off with time.

This week I met my goal of doing 5 classes! I took 2 Shape classes, 2 Power classes and Advanced. I am starting to notice that I feel stronger in class and I can stay in the positions (like chair) much longer that I used to be able to. It’s nice to feel strong!

The belt is too loose for my waist!

My boyfriend Chris & I went to a work dinner on Friday night and I was planning on wearing a dress that I bought in the fall for a wedding we attended. But when I put it on it was too big! I was really surprised and happy (even though I like that dress!). So then I changed into another dress that worked better and I decided to put a belt around the waist and my belt was too big too! We couldn’t help but laugh. I’m not ready to throw away all my old clothes and go on a shopping spree yet (although that sounds really fun) but this was the first time I’ve been too small for them so that is a good feeling.

One last story from this week: I went out with my sister on Saturday night and we ate some pretty unhealthy food (chicken wings AND pizza.. I know) and I felt so yucky on Sunday. It was a good reminder that my body really prefers and runs best off of healthy food so next time hopefully I can remember that and resist the temptation.

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About the Author

Laura is not a doctor or a dietician and this is only a plan for her. If you’re thinking of beginning a new exercise or diet plan, check with a doctor first to get some guidelines on what will work best for you and your goals.

Laura Furr is an Austinite who enjoys fitness, food & fashion. She graduated from the University of Texas Advertising Master’s program and works as a consultant. She loves cooking, exploring Austin & her boxer dog Rufus. She posts about her adventures on her blog