Up for the Challenge – Week 1

Last week I shared how I’m taking part in the Holiday Challenge at Dancers Shape (12 classes in December) and then I’m also going to do the New Year’s Challenge in January. I’m sharing my experience every week on the Dancers Shape blog, so hopefully you can get inspiration, learn what’s working and not working for me, or simply know you’re not facing the barre fitness challenge on your own!


So far I’m feeling really good on the holiday challenge and have already lost 4 pounds!

Getting ready for the holiday party!

Starting out I was worried that I would be hungry all the time or tired and I’m happy to say that I don’t feel like that at all. The biggest change I’ve noticed so far is that my skin is so much more hydrated from drinking LOTS of water. I usually have really dry skin but it’s been soft & glowing so that encourages me to keep drinking up. This week I went to Power class on Sunday, Shape class on Monday, and Advanced Shape on Wednesday. Power & Advanced are great classes because they really get my heart rate up and I burn lots of calories (I burned 670 calories in Power!). On the other days I went for short runs. At the beginning of the week I went to the store and stocked up on lots of healthy foods. I also chucked some unhealthy stuff from my pantry (like tortilla chips) to avoid temptation.


I live with my boyfriend who can really eat a lot so I was a bit unsure how dinners would go with me trying to eat healthier but he is really supportive. Most nights he gets 2 or 3 servings of whatever we make while I stick to one. A great recipe I made this week was tomato soup. Soup fills me up and it’s typically a great choice calorie-wise if you avoid cream-based ones. I also made a stir fry with tons of veggies this week and some roasted chicken & vegetables. I was nervous for my boyfriend’s company holiday party Thursday at a Mexican restaurant but it ended up being totally fine. I limited myself to one passed appetizer and one glass of wine. I am feeling more confident about going out to eat or with friends now. Usually if I look up some healthy choices online and eat really healthy during the day I feel like I can make good choices and enjoy myself.

I’m looking forward to making all these changes into my routine and I hope I keep feeling great. My nephew’s birthday is this weekend so I’m hoping I can avoid the chocolate cake (or stick to a very small piece). How are you doing with your holiday challenge?

Get signed up for the New Year’s Challenge by emailing us at or calling the studio at 512-382-9150. More info coming soon!


About the Author

Note: Laura is not a doctor or a dietician and this is only a plan for her. If you’re thinking of beginning a new exercise or diet plan, check with a doctor first to get some guidelines on what will work best for you and your goals.

Laura Furr is an Austinite who enjoys fitness, food & fashion. She graduated from the University of Texas Advertising Master’s program and works as a consultant. She loves cooking, exploring Austin & her boxer dog Rufus. She posts about her adventures on her blog