New Kid in Class: Power Shape

Have you tried the new Power Shape class at Dancers Shape? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on the perfect union of the barre studio’s signature Shape class with Sport class. I had the privilege of participating in the inaugural class, and it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Power Shape started off with a standard warm-up and quickly moved into an intense, high-energy cardio workout that got my heart racing. I made the mistake of forgetting to bring water to the class. Be sure to grab your water bottle because you’ll need to stay hydrated for the calorie blast you’ll endure.


Power Shape ditches weights in favor of resistance bands secured above the studio mirrors. You place your hands in the loops at the end of the bands for the workout. The farther away from the barre you move, the tougher the resistance. I’ll admit I was wary of the bands initially, but I can tell you from experience they work. The day after class my shoulders, triceps, and biceps were talking to me (in a good way!).

Another unique feature of Power Shape is the use of gliders. You’ll receive two cloth discs at the start of the class. They look like harmless, innocent little pieces of equipment, but don’t be fooled. For most exercises, you place your toes on the discs and let your heels hang off the ends. They create a slippery surface that forces you to balance and use your core in a serious way. Here are some of the ingeniously “evil” ways we used the gliders:

  • Mountain climbers,
  • Burpees,
  • Repeater knees, and
  • Back and side lunges.

On top of introducing students to some new fitness gadgets, the class includes classic barre moves a la Shape class. If you’re looking for a powerful cardio and strength routine without the harsh impact of hard surfaces, this barre class in Austin is for you.

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