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DS Instructors Try Snap Kitchen - Lisa

Snap Kitchen has become my friend for those chaotic, killer weeks-

After nearly 20 days of vacation, away from my decently balanced 2016 schedule, I've had to hit the ground running into a new 2017 work load. Between teaching barre fitness and dance cardio classes at Dancers Shape, rehearsing and/ or performing nightly in a modern dance show, cycling to and from work, and moving into a new place, I definitely had my work cut out for me last week! I felt nervous that I wouldn't be getting enough rest with such a strained schedule, and as I'd packed up most of my kitchen things for the move, I was worried about where and how I would get enough nourishing, healthy food to sustain me through the days. Luckily, Snap is just right down the road!

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My Favorite Meal

I'm a fan of hearty breakfast meals to keep my energy up for long exercise-filled days, but I'm not a big meat-eater, and especially in the mornings. I usually find breakfast meals-on-the-go either too rich (bacon and sausage sandwiches/ tacos), or too light (sugary cereals and dairy products). Thus I was extremely excited to find that Snap has, hands down, a most perfect breakfast dish titled Spinach Goat Cheese Scramble - it offers a perfect mix of lean protein (egg whites), bold leafy greens (fresh spinach), and my favorite nutrient-packed starch, sweet potatoes! And in case those three power foods aren't already delicious enough, the scramble includes a delicious sauteed onion and black pepper topping to mix around with a soft splat of goat cheese and some fresh grape tomatoes. Several mornings in a row last week I topped off this savory & sweet power breakfast with a la Colombe Cold Press coffee w/ almond milk, and I was so powered up from the meal that I didn't feel hungry again until later afternoon!

On top Snap providing tasty, delicious food, I'm also very happy to discover how environmentally friendly this company is. Upon a little research I found that Snap has been certified through the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) since their opening in 2010. Their open, positive vibe can be felt as soon as you step into the stores, with really kind cashier attendees and clean, well-stocked shelves. I also noticed that the food containers are BPA-free, microwave-safe, top rack dishwasher-safe, recyclable, and reusable! As I tend to feel guilty about my carbon footprint when I eat packaged, to-go foods too often, this helped to ease my mind!

Disclaimer: Snap Kitchen provided several of our instructors with gift cards in exchange for their thoughts on some of their new menu items.

Keep you eyes peeled for more details about an event on February 21 with DS & Snap!

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