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DS Instructors Try Snap Kitchen- Emily

With a crazy schedule that’s different from day to day, Snap Kitchen meals take the stress out of meal planning and cooking. Very often I work late one night and work early the next day, so trying to fit in my own workouts and cooking my own meals can be quite stressful. I found that the meals from Snap were perfectly portioned and very convenient for those days when there was no time to spare. Here are some of the meals I tried:

Beef Sausage & Eggs


The meals that Snap Kitchen has for breakfast were actually perfect for an early lunch. I picked up the “Beef Sausage & Eggs” and the “Chicken Sausage & Egg Stack.” Some days I like to workout in the mid-morning before coming to work, and afterwards, the protein provided by the eggs and sausage were an excellent pick me up to restart any lag in energy or creativity. They were also paired with nice green spinach or sweet potatoes, which definitely helped this girl get her daily dose of vegetables. On those days that started way too early for a workout or even food before leaving the house, the breakfasts were perfect to pop in the microwave while starting a project at work.

Spicy Dan Dan Noodles

Favorite Lunches/Dinners

Before teaching, a “War Bar” or a fresh juice was an excellent light snack. They held the hunger off and provided just the little push of energy needed for me to keep my class motivated. By mid afternoon/early evening, I’m either getting ready to teach or have finished teaching. After teaching, I am famished. As a meal after teaching (or as fuel consumed hours before teaching), I tried the “Shrimp & Chorizo Paella,” “Spicy Dan Dan Noodles,” “Meatless Meatballs with Marinara,” and “Chicken Teriyaki with Rice.” My favorite out of them all hands down was the “Spicy Dan Dan Noodles.” The rice noodles satisfied my carb desires while the spicy flavor helped clear my sinuses during this Austin cedar fever season. While on it’s own is a delicious vegetarian meal, I chose to add some protein. My favorite add in was the seared shrimp. This combo cut a bit of the spicy and became a full sized meal perfect for after teaching or working out.

Chicken Teriyaki with Rice
Meatless Meatballs with Marinara

Vegetarian Options

As a meat-eater, I found even the vegetarian options at Snap awesome. The “Meatless Meatballs with Marinara” was so good that I forgot it was meatless! I always struggle with new ways of placing vegetables into my diet, and Snap does a good job giving options to explore. Snap has something for everyone on the journey towards eating healthier. Plus, they take care of the cooking for you!

Disclaimer: Snap Kitchen provided several of our instructors with gift cards in exchange for their thoughts on some of their new menu items.

Keep you eyes peeled for more details about an event in February with DS & Snap!