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DS Instructors Try Snap Kitchen- Jennell

“Healthy, handmade meals for busy people.” This is the mission of Snap Kitchen, and for someone like myself this kind of service is a dream come true. I am a full-time fitness and dance instructor so healthy living is of the utmost importance to me, however at times I find it really hard to find healthy, tasty food, fast!

So I decided to spend an entire day surviving off only Snap Kitchen meals. The first benefit was immediate and obvious, I didn’t have to worry about finding the time to cook or what it was I was going to eat. Knowing that I had healthy, easy to prep food choices waiting for me in the fridge allowed me to slow down a bit both mentally and physically.

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I started off the morning with a juice. This gave me immediate energy, and was easy on my digestive system, so I never felt sluggish or “crampy.” I tried 3 different juices throughout the day. My favorite juice was the Turmeric Tonic, it was light and refreshing, full of delicious pineapple which is my favorite fruit, so this was a winner for me. I also enjoyed the antioxidant juice as well, it has both jalapeño and cayenne in it so it has got a bit of a kick, but for a spicy food lover like myself it’s delicious.

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My first meal to try was the Vegan Chili. I was a little hesitant that this meal wouldn’t have much flavor or kick to it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not particularly spicy, but I added some jalapeños to it and voila, deliciousness. It filled me up without weighing me down and if you need a little more sustenance, then just add some brown rice to the mix and you have a super delicious, highly-satiating meal.

For lunch I decided to go with the red lentil soup. In one word, Yum! This soup was everything to me. I brought it to work for lunch on a day that Austin remembered that it was technically winter and decided to drop into the upper 30s. This soup warmed my belly all the way up to my soul. I am all about comfort food and this soup exceeded all of my expectations.

For my final meal of the day I had the Grilled Kale Hoppin’ John. This meal was absolutely awesome. Out of all the Snap meals I’ve ever tried this one is my favorite hands down. The flavors go so well together and the hummus literally makes the meal. Who would've thought to add hummus to a kale, sweet potato, rice and black bean bowl? Genius.

Overall, Snap only meals day was a success. I never once felt guilty about what I was putting into my body, I was extremely satisfied, and the entire process was easy and enjoyable. I will be making Snap Kitchen meals a regular part of my weekly routine.

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Disclaimer: Snap Kitchen provided several of our instructors with gift cards in exchange for their thoughts on some of their new menu items.

Keep you eyes peeled for more details about an event on February 21 with DS & Snap!