Welcome Laura!

Welcome the newest face in the DS Family: Laura Merkel! Come by the studio and see her soon and say hello. Read more about her:

DS: Where are you from?

LM: I was born and raised in Westerly, Rhode Island. I then lived in Brooklyn for a few years before moving here in August 2016.

DS: What do you like to do for fun?

LM: I really enjoy finding and listening to new music, reading novels and short stories, trying new restaurants, hiking, tending to my houseplants, and cuddling with my two kitties. I am currently trying to learn the ukulele but I don’t think I’ll be giving a concert any time soon! haha

DS: Do you have any special talents?

LM: I can play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the piano while lying upside down on the piano bench! Haha

DS: What brought you to Dancers Shape?

LM: I was teaching a lot of fitness classes in NYC but when I moved here I wanted to take my time to find a studio that aligned with my principles and ideals. I perform in a dance company with fellow DS instructor, Rachael Hulse, and after talking to her about my background and teaching philosophies, she suggested I apply at Dancers Shape. I am so glad she did, because this feels like exactly where I need to be right now!

DS: Anything else that would be fun for clients to know?

LM: In addition to the many types of classes I will be teaching here at Dancers Shape, I am also trained in ANYA Bodywork - a type of bodywork derived from Thai massage and focused muscular release and anatomical alignment. The lucky winner of the Holiday Challenge will receive a free 60 minute session with me, so make sure you get to class!! :)