Welcome Amy!

We're excited to welcome our newest Spin instructor Amy to the DS Family! She's on the schedule starting now so please come by and take her class to welcome her. Read her full bio here and find out more below:


About Amy

DS: Where are you from?

AS: I grew up 20 minutes north of New York City, right along the Hudson River. I lived in Manhattan for 4 years before taking a chance and moving to Austin in 2013.

DS: What do you like to do for fun?

AS: I love to go hiking with my Australian Shepherd, Eli. I enjoy spending time with my friends and taking advantage of the amazing weather, events and restaurants Austin has to offer. I am a big fan of playing soccer, although I no longer have the skills like I did years ago.

DS: Do you have any special talents?

AS: I can tuck my ear in my ear and pop it out. Definitely more of a "hidden" talent as opposed to special. Ask me to show you if you are curious. Warning - it is kind of strange.

DS: What brought you to Dancers Shape?

AS: I became addicted to spin a few years ago and could not get enough of it. I find it to be such an amazing workout and stress reliever that is so much fun, I forget it is a workout while I am spinning. I wanted spin to have the same effect on others in the community. The second I found out Dancers Shape was expanding into offering spin classes from my dear friend and the Social Media Manager of Dancers Shape, Laura Furr, I jumped at the opportunity.

DS: Anything else that would be fun for clients to know?

AS: I love to dance - I am in no way a trained dancer, but have a great time dancing when I am out and about.