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Strong Standing Poses

Our workshop on Saturday, May 14 will focus on the strong standing poses in the yoga practice. Why focus on this particular group of poses instead of others? Building a strong foundation in our standing postures creates strength, stability, and confidence when looking at the other categories.

As an introduction to what will be explored on the 14th, let’s look at our most basic standing pose tadasana, or mountain pose. At face value, it’s standing up tall with your feet together. But inside this pose are key muscular actions that relate to every single pose in the practice of yoga. Mastering the coordination of activity throughout the body can be achieved in the standing postures of yoga and then translated into poses that require backbending, balancing, and inverting.

Check out the pictures for examples of how the actions in tadasana relate to these other categories of postures. And join us May 14th as we unravel these actions and personalize them for each individual body.

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About the Author

Emily is the Studio Manager and Assistant Director of Training at Dancers Shape. She completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification from The Yoga Institute in Houston, TX in 2012. In summer 2014, Emily wanted to expand her knowledge and completed another 200-hour yoga certification with Austin yogi, Gioconda Parker. This inspired her to continue her education and she is currently working through an advanced teacher training for the 300-hour level with both Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker. Read more about Emily here.