Pilates Chair and Reformer Classes Launch

Basic Chair Workshops are starting this weekend (Feb. 15, 2014)! Get ramped up now, as you must take this workshop to master the basics OR register for the Introductory Chair Special (Found in the Online Store under Contracts and Packages) *For a limited time only you may register for the Basic Chair Workshop with your current class card, monthly unlimited or auto-debit.

Pilates is a series of non-impact exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness at any age – from the professional athlete to seniors. When applied correctly, these principles lay the groundwork for conditioning the body and the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.

Dancers Shape’s specialty is studying bodies in motion. Our focus is the detection and correction of poor movement patterns that create musculoskeletal pain and injury. Once assessed, we dig in to strengthen and retrain movement to synchronize and initiate from the core. The results are improved biomechanics, posture, flexibility, balance, coordination, muscle tone and pain free movement. We like to think of it as a daily dose of rehab with plus benefits!

NEWS: Dancers Shape is now offering Chair and Reformer Privates and group classes with a twist.


No two bodies are built alike. Privates are a great way to assess your postural alignment to correct muscle imbalances, alleviate chronic aches and pains, and rehab new and old injuries. With a personalized program designed specifically for your needs, privates are great for beginners, those healing after surgery or injuries, and for clients who prefer privacy and one-on-one attention. ***We currently program for professional athletes, seniors, pre and post operative clients, pre and post natal clients, as well as those needing an effective program for busy travel schedules.

BASIC CHAIR WORKSHOP – Starting Feb. 15th

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY YOU MAY REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS WITH YOUR CURRENT CLASS CARD, MONTHLY UNLIMITED OR AUTO-DEBIT. This GROUP class will walk you through the basics of how to safely operate and perform chair exercises.

CHAIR PLUS – Starting March 1st

This unique class combines variations of basic and complex Pilates chair exercises with our over head resistance band system. It brings an entirely new meaning to core conditioning, balance, and burn. The class is fast paced and offers a full body workout, perfect for athletic training and toning.

Clients must demonstrate adequate proficiency on appropriate apparatus prior to joining group equipment classes. Approval for a Chair Plus class may be either the Basic Chair Workshop offered now or the Introductory Private Chair Special coming soon.


REFORMER PLUS – Coming soon

This semi-private class for three offers a private feel in a small group setting. With increased instructor time watching form and technique, we will have you at the next level of training in no time. Traditional Pilates reformer exercises have been spiced up with our unique resistance band system; the combination conditions stabilizers to work in conjunction with large muscle groups for improved core strength, coordination, balance, and control. Perfect for athletes and intermediate to advanced reformer clients. Reformer plus classes are planned for the schedule in the near future. However, if you have a group of three and are interested in getting started sooner then contact the studio today to set up a day and time.

Excited to try one of these classes? Keep an eye out on our Facebook page this week! Have questions or want to get signed up? Contact us today.