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New Recovery Class

When Dancers Shape opened it’s doors 5 years ago, there was one yoga class on the schedule. Over the years interest in yoga has grown and we are excited to be adding our 4th class!

Our new class, called Recovery, draws from both the ancient practice of Yin yoga and myofascial release. It is a wonderful class to rejuvenate the body and is important to add to any workout regimen. Both disciplines explored in this class focus on the soft tissue of the body and will liberate the joints from tight muscles.


Yin yoga is the counterpart to Yang yoga, which is what most people think of when going to a yoga class. Our vinyasa classes are a Yang practice in which we move and flow with our breath and can be very aerobic. It’s counterpart, Yin yoga, is more slow and steady with a sense of softness and surrender through the poses. In Yin, poses are held for a sustained period of time, sometimes lasting up to 5 min, to lengthen the entire muscle and keep the joints moving freely.


Myofascial release removes congestion in the muscles. As pressure is applied to a tight, knotted muscle, water and blood that have been held in place is squeezed out. When the pressure is removed, fresh water and blood is sucked back into the muscle. This process keeps fluid circulating through the muscle for it to heal.

Combining both of these practices serves as a perfect compliment to the other strength training classes offered at Dancers Shape to keep the body moving pain-free. Through these soft tissue therapies, the circulation of blood and lymph will be stimulated. We will be moving and massaging the muscles of the body followed by sustained stretching to keep our bodies moving at an optimal level.

Recovery starts on Friday and is limited to 15 people. Reserve your spot now!