Inspirational Client Spotlight: Lara Bridger

As you may remember, we picked 5 inspirational winners from our New Year New You challenge and we're taking this time to share their wonderful stories. First up is Lara Bridger, a very special client who has been battling breast cancer. Read her inpsiring story below.

Lara's Story

I have been a regular at Dancer’s Shape for over a year. I was feeling very strong and fit, so I was pretty surprised to get a breast cancer diagnosis. Luckily they found it early. No chemo needed, just radiation. I wanted to maintain my strength as best I could. So after surgery I came back to class as soon as I felt able. I didn’t have the same range of motion and power I had before, so I changed the kinds of classes I was taking. Eventually, through bodywork, a stretching/yoga practice and Dancer’s Shape classes, I regained my range of motion. During treatment, the classes gave me something to look forward to and helped me maintain my strength and stamina.

When I started the New Year New You challenge I had been getting daily doses of radiation for breast cancer. My last one was March 2nd. During the final week of my treatment, I was feeling pretty tired. But continuing to take classes at least a few times a week gave me more energy. I especially focused on Groove because that always puts me in a happy mood.

During this challenge I wanted to maintain energy and strength during treatment. And I was definitely able to do that with the help of DS classes. I am inspired by all the people who show up to class every day. I like to see all the familiar faces. I am also inspired by the instructors, knowing that many are dancers and that physical fitness helps them pursue a greater passion--expressing themselves through dance. I am always inspired by the body and how resilient and accommodating it can be. I love how movement can be very challenging but also very therapeutic and expressive.