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Inspirational Client Spotlight: Kayleigh & Alfire

Kayleigh & Alfire are the last of our 5 inspirational winners from our New Year New You challenge. Make sure to check the blog to see the other 3 winning stories! Kayleigh is a former dancer who has found more energy working out at DS and Alfire is a busy grad student who comes to class to destress. Read their stories below:


Kayleigh's Story

I feel fantastic after completing the New Year New You challenge. There were many days when I wanted nothing more but to curl up in bed, but I pushed myself to go to class and every single time I was so glad with my decision. Over the course of the last two months, I've had more energy, I've been sleeping better, and just feel better overall. I've learned that a balance of a nutritious diet and exercise can certainly be a challenge but is so essential to feeling happy and healthy.

I'm proud of my progress. I continue to go to class about 5 times a week and have enjoyed exploring new classes at DS. With the help of Chelsea, I have changed my diet and feel great. I've lost a little weight and while it's perhaps not as much as I had initially hoped for, the gains of feeling energized, happy, and healthy are very pleasing and positive outcomes.

I've been inspired by several people I've met along the way of my fitness journey. It's encouraging to know that there are many people who were once where I was two months ago, and have altered their lifestyles to become healthier and stronger individuals. I continue to be motivated each and every day to work toward my fitness and health goals.

I'm a former dancer, and studied dance for my first two years of college. I decided that I wanted a different career path, and became a special education teacher. I continue to teach special education and while I love what I do, I have definitely missed dancing at times. Finding Dancers Shape as a new Austin resident was very exciting for me. It's been great to not only have a place where I can take a variety of classes to get stronger and more fit, but also where I can add some dancing to my workouts (I've become a regular in Groove- such a fun class!). I began coming here about 5 days a week during the challenge, though I hope to stay consistent with that number as I continue to work out at Dancers Shape. Challenging (yet fun) classes and a knowledgeable and supportive staff are among the reasons why Dancers Shape is my favorite place to work out!

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Alfire's Story

I’m feeling great! I pushed myself both physically and mentally in these past two months and I’m glad I did. I’ve learned that with motivation and persistence, I can achieve my fitness goals. There were definitely days where I felt too tired or busy for class but this challenge helped me avoid making excuses for myself. Pushing through those rough days helped me re-energize and really clear my head after a long day.

I’ve definitely noticed some changes in my body. I’m feeling stronger and can tell by the little things, like being able to push through a series without needing to take a break or taking more advanced options in class.