Inspirational Client Spotlight: Deena Davis

We picked 5 inspirational winners from our New Year New You challenge and now we're sharing their stories. Last week we shared Lara's story and this week we have Deena. Deena suffers from MS but never lets that keep her down. She found mental & physical success during the challenge. Her upbeat positive attitude is contagious!

Deena's Story

I have multiple sclerosis and while it sounds like I could be a physical mess, I actually feel like I am healthier and better shape than I have ever been since my diagnosis back in 2008. I feel fantastic and much stronger mentally and physically since the challenge. I was feeling like I was somewhat at a low point mentally in January and now after all the classes, I have a completely new upbeat feeling about everything in general. Plus, my body feels different with the new found strength I have found.

My main goal was to feel good about myself physically and mentally. As mentioned, I was kind of at a low point and at somewhat of a crossroads mentally when I decided to do the challenge and it completely created a new improved version of me. Back in 2009, I started losing weight and lost a total of 55 pounds but lost it way too quickly. I definitely needed some toning and muscle building which I have started a good bases for through this challenge. I definitely would like to lose some more weight, but slowly unlike last time which came off too fast and now I am having to back track a bit to tone things up.

I'm inspired by me! Besides myself, healthy, happy people who have a zest for life and living a healthy lifestyle inspire me. I love hearing positive stories about people who faced so much adversity with their weight or health and were able to get themselves up to a healthier version of themselves and are able to maintain it all while being happy.

Living with MS, people including doctors have this mindset that you shouldn't go too crazy on exercising and overheating yourself etc. My thought process is to push myself further and prove that you can do anything you want to if you are determined enough to do it. I do have some muscle issues that do bother me the more I exercise, jump, heat up etc., but its transient. I just stop or stretch a minute and continue on. I am a very determined and stubborn individual, so when there is a challenge, I will be one of the first to sign up. At times, I hope I inspire some of my friends who are perfectly healthy to become more active in their daily living. If anyone could have an excuse, it really could be me, but I refuse to play the victim and really encourage all healthy individuals to be active now, as the time might come when they find themselves unable to. Life is too short to sit on the couch and watch t.v.!