Holiday Hair Trends with Jay Morris: Top Knot for Long Hair

Top knot for long hair and festive embellishments for short hair:

Whether you have long locks that rival Rapunzel’s or an adorable pixie cut a la Michelle Williams, Jay Morris of Salon Hushhas some fun and merry style options for you this holiday season. Perfect for a New Year’s Eve party! Dancers Shape owner Jennifer McCamish recently sat down to have Morris create a chic top knot with her long tresses. The top knot (or bun for the old school among us) looks complicated, but Morris explains it’s actually quite simple to execute thanks to modern hair tools.

Here’s what you’ll need for an effortless top knot:

  • Rubber bands,

  • A hair donut,

  • Bobby pins,

  • Unite whipped cream or your favorite styling cream, and

  • A firm-hold hairspray


If you don’t have one, start by purchasing a hair donut from any beauty supply store. “The sizes vary depending on the length of your hair and how big you want the bun to be.For longer hair, the larger donut is recommended, and the small or medium donut is best for medium-length hair,” Morris says.

To create the top knot, prep hair with Unite whipped cream or your favorite styling cream for texture and hold. Next, pull hair into a high pony tail, and secure with a rubber band. Pull the pony tail through the donut hole until it rests at the base of your head. Spread the hair evenly around the donut. Take another rubber band and wrap it around the base of the hair donut to hold the hair in place. “If your hair is long, you’ll have some hair left out around the donut. Simply wrap that hair around the base of the bun, and secure it with bobby pins,” she says.

For a festive modification to the top knot, take the hair left out and section it into two pieces. Braid each section, wrap the braided pieces around the bun, and secure them with bobby pins. Finish the look with a firm-hold hairspray to smooth hair.

Ladies who rock short hair have it made. Morris says once they’ve styled their hair, they can pop on a headband or slide in some sparkly rhinestone hair pins for an extra dose of holiday cheer.

If you have any questions about these styles or would like to make an appointment with Morris or any of the stylists at Salon Hush, call (512) 600-7100. Visit the salon’s Facebook page for updates and additional information.

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