Holiday hair: Sexy waves and Faux Bob With Jay Morris

Making a lasting impression and turning heads this holiday season is easy, thanks to some direction from Jay Morris of Salon Hush. I paid Morris a visit, and she instructed me on executing two hot hairstyles for the holidays: sexy waves and the faux bob. After Morris worked her magic, I felt like I was channeling Veronica Lake, the epitome of Old Hollywood glamour.

Morris chose me to model these styles because they’re ideal for medium-length hair. But you can pull them off if your hair is a little longer or a little shorter than mine.


Sexy Waves:

To sculpt sexy waves you’ll need Unite whipped cream or your favorite styling cream, firm-hold hairspray, Unite Shina-Mist or your favorite shine spray, a curling wand, a soft bristle brush, and a sparkly hair accessory of your choice. “If you don’t have a curling wand, you can use a curling iron. Just wrap your hair around the barrel of the iron without using the spring-loaded prong,” Morris says


First, prep hair with styling cream from roots to ends. Next, determine where you want to part your hair, and divide hair into four sections — one on each side of the head and two in the back of the head. Begin with the back section, and wrap smaller subsections of hair around the curling wand. Hold hair on the wand for about eight seconds. After you release the hair, don’t touch it, and let it cool. Work in the same manner until you’ve completed the entire section. Continue using the same curling method on the side sections. When you’ve curled all your hair, let it cool for about five minutes.

Once hair is cool, use a soft bristle brush to comb the curls until you’ve achieved the wavy look you desire. Finish the style with shine mist and a firm-hold hairspray. Make these sexy waves more festive by fastening some sparkly barrettes or clips to the side opposite your part.


Faux Bob:

To create a faux bob, start with these sexy waves, and take it to the next level. Grab a strip of bobby pins. You’ll need plenty of them! First, divide the back of your hair horizontally into two sections. Starting with the bottom layer gently back-comb sections of hair from roots to ends of hair.


Next, select subsections of hair, and roll them up into a ball at the base of your head. Insert bobby pins to hold the sections in place. Move forward on your head, continuing to randomly pin up sections of hair. “Keep pinning until you’re happy with how it looks. This look is a little messy, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. It should resemble a bob,” Morris says.

Once your hair is pinned to your liking lightly back-comb any strays that are popping out. You can add pins or a headband for holiday bling.


If you have any questions about these styles or would like to make an appointment with Morris or any of the stylists at Salon Hush, call (512) 600-7100. Visit the salon’s Facebook page for updates and additional information.