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Client Spotlight: Valerie Gets Wedding-Ready

With two of her children planning weddings, Valerie used DS classes to not only keep in shape but also keep her sanity. Know someone planning a wedding? Check out our bridal specials. Here's what Valerie has to say about her DS experience:


I found Dancers Shape when my son’s girlfriend Whitney was coming for a visit and wanted to take a barre class while in town. She had been going to barre classes in LA, knew I was looking to shake up my pilates routine, and thought I would enjoy barre. I went online to learn about barre studios in Austin, and DS had amazing reviews, so I tried it out. I loved the studio and was hooked from the first class. When Whitney came for her visit, she joined me and loved it, too. Then my daughter Buckley started taking barre classes in NY, and now both Buckley and Whitney come to DS with me whenever they are in town.

I’ve been attending DS for about 2 ½ years. I started with Graceful, and did that for about three months before I moved to Shape. I now attend Shape and Core classes. I attend three to four classes per week on average.


In June of 2013, my son became engaged and set the wedding date for the following June. I, of course, immediately started looking for a dress, and found a beautiful, very fitted, sleeveless gown for his black-tie wedding. I then knew I couldn’t gain any weight for a year! Sleeveless also meant keeping my arms toned, and I can only say “keeping” them firm thanks to DS. My arms, shoulders and upper back are toned, and I feel confident wearing sleeveless, and I’m 54! Both Shape and Core classes work my upper body to make this possible.

Shortly after my son’s engagement, my daughter became engaged. Her wedding was set for February of ’15, which meant I had a long way to go – with two holiday seasons in between! – without gaining weight or letting up on keeping toned. Lots to keep me motivated.

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I felt great at both weddings. At the BBQ a couple of nights before my son’s wedding, my daughter and one of her friends were sitting across the table from me. My daughter’s friend said to her, “Your mom’s arms look better than mine, and I’m 29!” I loved the way I looked in my dresses, and between the two weddings, I had five sleeveless, fitted dresses.

Rachel Meador, one of the instructors at DS, did a very sweet thing for my daughter. Buckley and I were coming to DS the day before her wedding, and I asked Rachel a couple weeks ahead of time if she could play “Going to the Chapel and We’re Going to Married,” as the first song of the cool-down. She said of course, but ended up going way beyond that. Rachel did an entire playlist just for that class, starting with “Going to the Chapel,” and playing only wedding/love songs. My daughter thought it was great. Thanks again, Rachel!

Dancers Shape not only helps me keep my weight stable and my muscles toned, but also helps with my mood. I’m a worrier, and going to the studio takes my mind off of whatever stressors are in my life. It’s funny how I often get in my car after class with a new perspective on a situation. And I definitely hadn’t been thinking about it for the past hour – I was only thinking about proper form, surviving the burn, and results!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Valerie!