Client Spotlight: Caris’s Scoliosis Rehabilitation

We are always impressed with our clients who are recovering from injury. In Caris’s case, she has dealt with back pain for almost half her life before Dancers Shape. We are thrilled to share her story of recovery! If you’re wondering if these workouts can help you, contact us & we’ll be happy to talk with you about working through your injuries.

What Caris had to say:

“As a pre-teen, I developed adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. This condition tends to progress as you grow through your teenage years. By the time I was 13, my case became severe enough to justify spinal fusion surgery to prevent my spine from becoming more crooked as I grew. The doctor did a great job of correcting the curves in my spine, but I was left with 13 of my vertebrae fused together and titanium rods holding them in place. This means I have very little spinal flexibility for bending and twisting. I am also at risk for spinal problems in the vertebrae that were not fused, as they have to do a lot for me each day!

I have had back pain off and on since recovering from the surgery, now well over half my life ago. Fortunately for me, I was an athlete through high school and college and didn’t suffer too much until I started working full-time at a desk job, when my back pain became more pronounced over the first few years I worked. I knew it was time to find a better routine to help with pain and prevent back problems in the future.

Caris's X-Ray


Last September I decided to try out Dancers Shape. I had read reviews that said the instructors were great about injuries and decided to trust that they could help me work around my limitations. I tried out a Graceful class. That first class was a really tough workout that made me sore all over my body, but it didn’t hurt my spine! I told myself that I would try to go once or twice a week to build up my strength and give it a good try. After taking several Graceful classes, I moved up to Shape and started taking the classes more frequently. I started noticing muscles and strength where I had felt weak before, and I had greatly improved balance and flexibility. I also found that I was in a great mood after every class and felt less stressed in general. I now try to get to a class five times a week, and am taking a broad range of classes, including Core, Advanced, Power, and Yoga.

The best result for me has been that my range of motion in my spine has greatly improved AND my back has stopped hurting almost altogether. I have a lot more core strength to help support my spine, which has helped eliminate the pain I was living with before and should help prevent injuries and problems in the future. My balance and flexibility are so much better and I’m less likely to hurt myself in other sporting endeavors. Six months after I started taking classes at Dancers Shape, I went skiing and was able to ski six days in a row! All of my joints feel much stronger and more stable, and I’ve gotten a little trimmer without having to diet. I can highly recommend Dancers Shape for anyone looking to recover from injuries and surgeries.”

Caris Hurd