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Announcing In-House Physical Therapy at Shape Method!

Shape Method is excited to announce our newest offering: In house Physical Therapy with Dr. Toussaint Biondi!

PT at Shape Method has been years in the making, starting all the way back in 2010 when Jennifer hired Toussaint as her first instructor.

While completing her undergraduate degree, Jen trained Tous as her first barre instructor. Jennifer was impressed with Toussaints ability to grasp the intricate technique quickly and her natural ability to relate to clients and understand their unique concerns. With all of this in mind, Toussaint was the natural choice to help Jennifer open the studio.

After 2.5 years as the studio’s lead instructor, Jennifer was proud to write Toussaint a letter of recommendation and wished her well as she left to complete her Physical Therapy Doctorate. At the time of Toussaint’s leaving, the two of them had already discussed their dream to integrate PT into the studio. Fast forward 10 years and one pandemic later, and the dream has been realized! Within the same studio, clients can get their PT evaluation and protocol and seamlessly integrate it into a Pilates exercise routine.

In this era of the fitness industry there are myriads of new fitness trends constantly popping up, making it challenging to decide how to meet your goals safely. Shape Method is proud to build upon time-tested exercises, such as Pilates and barre, with a Physical Therapist informing our programming. Our approach is based on the most up to date medical research and will deepen your exercise experience by bridging the gap between your specific health needs and fitness. Here at Shape Method, your instructor will be in direct contact with your PT, offering a comprehensive, customized, and rehabilitative fitness program.

Toussaint will offer both Therapeutic Pilates as well as Physical Therapy. She offers 15 minute complimentary phone consultations and can be reached at (512) 270-0273 and

You can read more about Toussaint’s practice at