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Announcing In-House Physical Therapy at Shape Method!

Shape Method is excited to announce our newest offering: In house Physical Therapy with Dr. Toussaint Biondi!

This collaboration has been years in the making, starting all the way back in 2010 when Jennifer hired Toussaint as her first instructor while Toussaint was completing her Kinesiology Degree at the University of Texas. Jennifer was quickly impressed with Toussaint's ability to grasp the intricate technique, and her natural ability to relate to clients and understand their unique concerns. This was the beginning of their longterm work relationship, and where the brainstorming of integrating Physical Therapy into the studio began.

After helping Jennifer open the first location of Shape Method, and serving as a lead instructor, Jennifer was proud to write Toussaint a letter of recommendation for her Physical Therapy Doctorate Program. Fast forward a decade, and one pandemic later, the two have reunited to bridge the gap between injury set backs (major and minor) and getting back to fitness programs. Clients can now get their Physical Therapy evaluation and protocol seamlessly integrated into their Pilates and barre routine to help accelerate the recovery process.

Shape Method is proud to build upon time-tested exercises, such as Pilates and barre, with a Physical Therapist informing our programming with the most up to date medical research. This collaboration will deepen your exercise experience by addressing your specific health needs, and allowing your instructor direct access to your PT - offering a comprehensive, customized, rehabilitative fitness program.

Toussaint will offer both Therapeutic Pilates and Physical Therapy services. She offers 15 minute complimentary phone consultations and can be reached at (512) 270-0273 and

You can read more about Toussaint’s practice at