Kettlebell Core Workshop

Muscle loss (aka sarcopenia) is an unfortunate natural part of the aging process that begins in our thirties (yikes!). The common estimate is that we lose about 10% of muscle mass per decade past the age of thirty, and that rate of loss increases significantly beyond age fifty. For women it’s a much more pressing issue because hormonal changes contribute to visceral fat around the organs as well as bone loss in the perimenopause transition. High intensity interval training, in particular, has been shown to improve these issues. We know strength training is critical, but it can be intimidating to learn to pick up heavier weights!

Join us for this 75 minute workshop in Kettlebell foundations as we launch our new class series. Learn to perfect your form in the six main functional movement patterns - squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, carry. We will cover all the basics so that you feel confident in spicing up your workouts with our newest core classes. Workshop will include a 30 minute kettlebell flow workout.

Workshop cost is $25 and will be held on Saturday 5/13 from 12 noon - 1:15 pm at the Burnet Rd. location.