Fitness For Perimenopause

Join us to learn the fitness forward approach to hormone health, metabolism, and pelvic floor perfection in the fourth and fifth decade. This workshop will consist of an information session + a weight & mini tramp class to follow. You will also get a digital copy of the information packet.

  • When: January 27th from 12pm - 1:30 pm
  • Where: Shape Method Pilates Burnet Rd.
  • Cost: $28/participant

Women lose ~8% of muscle mass per decade beginning around age 30. The complex interaction between ovarian function, metabolism, nutrition, stress management, and movement drives how well we feel in our forties and beyond. Because estrogen plays a role in every body system, symptoms of perimenopause may present as subtle issues like brain fog, anxiety, sleep changes, sexual dysfunction, and/or bladder problems. Fortunately, nature has given us a nice long runway to optimize foundational health as our hormone levels shift and ultimately decline. We will touch on supportive hormone therapy, movement, nutrition basics, and pelvic floor function/anatomy related to common sexual pain and bladder issues.