60 Day Strong Challenge + The RESET Workshop

Shape Method has joined forces with on staff nutritionist Megan Adams Brown to create a comprehensive body and mind reset for 2023! Read on to join the challenge community.

If getting healthier and feeling like your most vibrant self is on your list for 2023, this is the best way to set yourself on a course to make it happen.

Take as many class as you can in 60 days + add Megan's "RESET" workshop and 5 day support group for a chance to win a Month Unlimited of Shape Method classes and a free consultation with Megan!

  • The person with the most stars will win a free month of unlimited group classes! If there are multiple winners we will draw a winner raffle-style
  • Privates and VOD count towards your total
  • Signing Up for "The RESET" Workshop gets you an additional 5 bonus stars with the opportunity for more if you follow the provided nutrition plan.

Be sure to pick up your challenge cards by February 1st and Pre-book your classes here!


You can earn bonus stars for joining the Reset Workshop and for completing these additional nutrition goals for 5 consecutive days:

  • "But first, lemon water!" - Start your day with 16oz of lemon water before anything else
  • "Ate the Rainbow" - Got in every color in the "eat the rainbow" chart
  • "Got my Greens!" - Had greens 2-3x today

Take 5 days (or more) to focus on flooding your body with nutrients from real, whole foods.

The RESET helps cleanse your system, support your body’s detoxification, and boost your energy so you can feel like the most vibrant version of yourself.

On the menu is just about every fresh, whole, real food you can imagine, with an emphasis on detox superfoods that are known to provide essential nutrients and support the organs and functions that are part of the process.

We’re going to flood your body with nutrients from real, whole foods that are going to:

  • Reset your palette so you’ll crave more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods
  • Balance your body’s energy naturally and get more energy from your food
  • Support your body’s natural detox process

The RESET gives you a clear plan that’ll tell you exactly how to plan and prep, as well as what to buy, make, and eat.

Sometimes the body needs a little help from us that may look like avoiding inflammatory foods and substances like coffee and alcohol that mess with hormones and dominate detox pathways which make the body want to hold onto weight for dear life instead of let go of it. The RESET makes it easy to eliminate the things that may be getting in the way of your workout so you can reduce inflammation and achieve your goals.

The RESET kicks off with a live, in-person workshop at the Shape Method Studio (Burnet location) on Sunday, February 5 at 11 a.m.

Usually priced at $147, Shape Method Clients can enjoy a $50 savings and participate for only $97!

To book The RESET Workshop click here!

To read more about Megan, and see real-life testimonials from her past RESET workshops- click here!