How often should I come to class to see results and how soon will i see them?

We recommend taking a variety of Shape Method classes 3-5 times per week for optimum results. Research suggests that exercising 3-5 times per week not only has a positive impact on how you look and feel, but it also increases healthy life expectancy. Anticipated results from regular exercise include: increased muscle tone, improved posture, lower blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, decreased stress levels, improved psychological well-being, healthy blood triglyceride and insulin levels, and a healthy body mass index.

Every client is different, but those who attend class 3-5 times per week usually see results in as little as two weeks. The first changes most clients feel is an increase in strength. Visual definition is typically seen anywhere from 4-12 weeks. Results will vary from client to client due to diet habits, effort exerted in class, and frequency of attendance.