Yoga Workshop Series

Introducing our Yoga Workshop Series!

Through the course of a single Vinyasa Yoga class, we put our bodies into positions and fluidly flow through the shapes. The teacher does their best to cue and assist you into your best form of each pose, but occasionally, subtle key actions can be missed. We also get questions from students about how they can achieve the bigger poses. And while we can answer this after class, it often takes more guidance, explanation, and experience in your own body to discover your potential in “big” poses. This is the inspiration for this workshop series.

In each session, we will take familiar poses and learn new ways to approach and even advance them. We will work with props and dig deep into the subtle actions of the body, some of which your body may be familiar with from barre & pilates! Each session will build on top of what we learn in the previous sessions, but will be beneficial on their own. These sessions will be accessible for all levels, though it will be helpful if you have experienced at least a vinyasa class or two.


Come discover how you can use the strength you’ve built from barre & pilates to deepen your yoga practice!

  • Sat, April 27 1:15pm - 2:45pm: Sun Salutations/Vinyasa

  • Sat, May 11 1:15pm - 2:45pm: Exploring Backbends

  • Sat, May 25 1:15pm - 2:45pm: Introducing Inversions

  • Sat, June 1 1:15pm - 2:45pm: Discovering Arm Balances

Sign up for all 4 workshops for a discounted rate of $125! Unable to attend them all? Sign up for individual workshops for $35/each.

Purchase Workshops: One session/All sessions. Sign up for Workshops here.


Our yogi and Studio Manager, Emily, will be teaching all sessions! Emily enjoys making the practice of yoga accessible for every body. She finds that some of the so-called basic poses, are actually some of the most intricate and advanced poses. And this is why she is so excited to dive deep with these workshops at Dancers Shape!

Emily is a 500-hr E-RYT, which means she has completed beyond 500 hours of study. Her initial 200-hour certification was under The Yoga Institute in Houston, TX in 2012. Upon moving back to Austin in the fall of 2012, she found herself wanting to deepen her knowledge of the practice of yoga. She completed another 200-hour training with Austin yogi, Gioconda Parker, and quickly followed it up with a 300-hour training with Gioconda Parker and Christina Sell. Emily continues her yoga education by attending workshops and additional trainings with her teachers each year.

Purchase Workshops: One session/All sessions. Sign up for Workshops here.