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Workout Fashion Hacks

Do you look into your workout wardrobe and see some items that you haven’t worn in a while? Maybe there are some items that just don’t look quite like they used to. Here are some tips from our instructors on ways to freshen up your look and make use of those items sitting in your closet.

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Length Change

We all have a pair of leggings that are not quite the length we would like. Whether they are too long or just a bit too short, Emily has the trick for you. You can change that length and make them shorter with a simple pinch, pull, fold motion! Put those leggings on, and right about where you would like them to end, pinch the fabric on either side of the leg, making a straight line across. Pull the pinched fabric up, bringing the hem of the leggings up your leg a bit. Then fold the pinched fabric down creating a smooth new edge. No need to get those pants professionally hemmed, just pinch, pull, and fold!

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Flare Cuff

From Mariclaire, create a cuff on those flared pants transforming them into cute blousy capris. Fold the flare of the pant next to the inseam so that the pant leg becomes snug to your ankle. Keeping the fold, roll your pant leg up 2 or 3 times. To make them a little blousy, pull above the roll gently. You’ll end up with a look like the Splits59 Icon pant without spending the money on another pair of pants!

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Bra Trick

Now what about those cute tops that have that built in bra but need more coverage or support and are too cute to wear a sports bra with? Well, Jennifer has the hack for that. Some brands of tops come with removable pads in them. Take those pads and place them between the built in bra and front fabric of your top. They will be held in place by the fabric on either side and give you a smooth look and offer additional support.

Underneath it All

Everyone has their preference of what to wear underneath their tight leggings and yoga pants. Most of us share the desire to make our pants look good but our back side as well. Some prefer thongs, others prefer bikini cut panties, and there are those that prefer nothing under our beloved leggings. Our instructors have suggested their preferred brand of undergarments for anyone’s preference. Hanky Panky makes thongs that lay flat to your skin and do not ride up uncomfortably. These are comfy for both workouts and everyday. Soma has great “Vanishing Edge” bikini cut panties that stay in place and do not show underwear lines underneath your tight pants. With these “Vanishing Edge” panites, the best option is the silky smooth material and not cotton or lace as those tend to show lines and fray with multiple washes.

Go freshen up your wardrobe and feel confident in those clothes!