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Women’s Series: Q&A with Amanda

Dancers Shape encourages health in all aspects of life, including mental health! Our friend Amanda McPherson is a DS client and is passionate about helping women through her counseling services and her blog. She will be writing for us in the coming months about struggles that all women can relate to and how we can cope with common issues (like self esteem, dating, confidence and more!) Get to know Amanda here and be on the lookout for her upcoming posts!

Q: What do you like about the DS studio?

McPherson: Of course it’s an incredible workout and I love the results. But, even more, I feel so comfortable at Dancer’s Shape- which is really important to me. The friendly, welcoming environment is a big factor in bringing me back.

Q: Tell us about going back for your Masters and changing career focus?

McPherson: I’ve always known that I wanted to spend my time and energy helping people. It just took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do it. I went back to graduate school to pursue a Master’s in Counseling because I believe that counseling works. I’ve witnessed clients make positive changes in their lives by working on things in therapy. I’ve seen it help with grief, addiction, relationships, self–esteem… the list goes on. I know I’ve personally benefited from seeing a counselor. I see it as an incredibly valuable tool in personal growth.

Q: What are you working on now?

McPherson: I currently see counseling clients in the evenings and on weekends. My area of expertise is helping people feel more confident and empowered about their lives. Most of my clients tend to be in their 20s-40s and they are struggling with dating, relationships, self-esteem, career choices and more. I started my blog, Girl, Get Your Roots Done, in January and have been really excited about how it has been received by women.

Q: What made you decide to focus on women?

McPherson: Well, I have 38 years of experience with being a female. But, seriously, I have gravitated towards serving women because I think that there are certain struggles that are unique to the experience of being a woman. It can be tough out there and I get that. Women face a lot of pressure when it comes to physical appearance, relationship status, career decisions, having children/not having children… it can be difficult to remain grounded and confident when all of these expectations are being thrown our direction.

Q: We read your blog & love the information- tell us how that got started.

McPherson: Thank you. Girl, Get Your Roots Done! is my playful way of reminding women to pay attention to our most important roots- the roots that give us a sense of purpose, sustain us and feed our spirit. Women feel so much pressure to work tirelessly for the perfect body, hair, house, relationship and other outward signs of success. Through personal experience and my role as a therapist, I see so clearly that we cannot truly enjoy the fruits of life–career, relationships, family– if our roots are unhealthy. The blog has been a lot of fun and my hope is that it is a helpful, honest voice about the struggles that many women go through.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about your mission?

McPherson: I want to encourage every woman to fall in love with herself and her life. It’s definitely easier said than done. And, there is no shame in seeking a little help to figure out what is standing in the way of you being your happiest, most fulfilled self. We work on our physical health, and it only makes sense to get our minds and spirit healthy, too!


Amanda McPherson’s passion is empowering women to follow their dreams and to love themselves just as they are. She received her Masters in Counseling at St. Edward’s University in 2012 and is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern under the supervision of Kat Elrod, LPC-S. Visit her counseling website & her blog! Keep your eye out for more from Amanda on our new Women’s Series.