Welcome Back Lisa!

Lisa Kobdish was the second instructor that owner Jennifer McCamish hired at Dancers Shape after opening in 2010. Lisa has worked on and off with the studio over the past 9 years while pursuing her professional dance career.

1) Lisa, tell us what you have been working on outside the studio.

Outside the studio I dance with Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Co, a professional modern dance company who presents concert dance work each season, and am an administrative organizer for Austin Dance Festival. I am also a company member with Blue Lapis Light and find myself dancing off the sides of buildings more frequently. I'm also an avid city cyclist and carry myself to and from work with my legs mostly :)

Lisa 2.JPG

2) As a DS instructor, what is your favorite thing that has changed at the studio over the past 9 years?

I'm so happy we have Spin at Dancers Shape now! It is such a fun class to teach and I love choosing fun playlists for it.

3) On this return, what are you most looking forward to coming back to at the studio?

I really look forward to Shape Rx where I can both teach and discover new foam rolling & ball massage ideas.

Catch Lisa’s classes Thursday nights!