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Welcome Alex!

We're excited to welcome Alex as a new Spin instructor at Dancers Shape! You will love his upbeat attitude and playlists! Find out more about him:

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DS: Where are you from?

AS: I am originally from Puerto Rico- But I grew up in Round Rock, Texas (moved here when I was 7)

DS: What do you like to do for fun?

AS: I love to spend time with my dog, Gracie; Run Town Lake; Cook. Love Wine. Since I was born near the beach- I love water, swimming & of course- going to the beach.

DS: Do you have any special talents?

AS: I am trilingual. (Spanish, English, Portuguese)

DS: What brought you to Dancers Shape?

AS: The opportunity to start fresh, connect with clients & find peace in the stressful day-to-day work life.

DS: Anything else that would be fun for clients to know?

AS:VI lost over 85 pounds in a year thanks to spin and running. (My first time on a spin bike- I was 250 lbs and couldn’t ride the bike fully.) I gained all that weight within a 8 month period due to depression, figuring out my {sexual} identity, and career/education. Once I found peace & exercise I was able to lose the weight.