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In a rut with the same classes? Variety keeps things fun, fresh, and will help you avoid hitting a plateau in your workout routine. Did you know that Dancers Shape offers 13 different classes?! We have gathered some of our clients to tell you their favorite aspects of each of these classes and why they love them. Read what they have to say and let them help inspire you to try something new!

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Shape: Open Level Barre

Hollee Baird - "Shape class has helped me build and maintain muscle tone. My booty has never looked better! I used to injure myself all the time doing extreme crossfit workouts, but going to Shape I no longer have to be worried about hurting myself. It's also the only hour (or two!) where I can zone out and not have to think about the million things on my to do list. I love the community at DS. I know I will have a friend or two (or three!) in every class to catch up with. The community is incredibly hardworking and motivates me to push past the burn in every class. The fabulous teachers at DS know what they are talking about and the classes are masterfully sequenced. It continues to be a challenge because as I keep coming, I learn more and more about form and how to really dig into those muscles. Last but not least, DS helps me to channel my inner ballerina as I get to hang out with the real life ballerinas who teach the class :)"

Graceful: Beginner Barre

Periwinkle Schuester - "I really enjoy the slowed down pace of the a Graceful class without sacrificing the workout. It allows me to focus on position mastery vs. just getting through without dropping my ball. The instructors allow ample shake breaks, lots of encouragement, and constructive corrections for proper positions. I have always felt welcomed by the staff and elevated beyond my threshold. It's a great feeling to be growing stronger, more able and healthier! The schedule fits my needs, the diversity of clients and workout positions paired with the music is inspiring. This strength training and shaping workout consistently is challenging and super effective! I have never seen results like these and I love it!!"


Vinyasa Yoga

Caris Hurd - "Yoga is a physical and mental challenge, no matter your level from beginner to advanced. It's complementary to the strength, balance, and flexibility that I've built in the other classes at Dancers Shape. I can feel and see incremental improvement week-over-week. There's always something new to learn in yoga, whether it's a new pose or a new aspect of a pose to focus on. I feel fantastic after class. Not only have I worked hard and stretched out afterward, but I'm calmer and feel like I can better deal with the curveballs life throws at me. The breath practice has helped me calmly breathe through other life challenges on a day-to-day basis. Plus, I sleep really well the night after a yoga class!"

Express Shape: 45 Minute Amped Barre

Elizabeth Martinez - "This class is in the ideal time slot and is the perfect duration for a great workout. The variety and sequencing are my favorite things about the class. I always walk away feeling accomplished and humbled."

Core: Pilates Mat Fusion

Kelley Speed - "My favorite thing about this class is that it is challenging, both in terms of working different muscles and forcing me to focus on my alignment and positioning. I feel like I learn something new every class and I can tell the more consistently I attend the stronger I feel."


Cardio Wild Card & Cardio Express: 45 Minute Amped Barre & Cardio

Amanda Kopp - "My favorite thing about this class is that it's go-go-go; once you finish a section, you move on seamlessly to the next. The time just flies by! I always leave this class feeling energized - whether I take it in the morning or mid-day, it gives me a huge burst of energy."


Athletic Conditioning: Barre, Pilates, Yoga Fusion

Shannon Pounds - "I love how it incorporates more yoga and balance sequences. I feel strong afterwards!"

Joel Becker - "As a soccer player and runner the class really helps loosen up his hip flexors and joints in general. I like the way it strengthens the small muscle groups that playing soccer and running do not and it improves my ability to do both well. I hate when I miss a Saturday because I feel so much better after every class."

Advanced: Cardio Barre

Stephanie Becker - "The advanced class has made me stronger than I think I have ever been before and the cardio component is a great added benefit. I feel like this is sustainable exercise that improves the health and flexibility of my body. I'm not going to lie, I am always relieved when it is over! It is a challenge every time but it is worth it for how great I feel in body and mind after class."


Power: Cardio Barre

Pearl Martinez - "Power makes me feel powerful, plain and simple! I feel strong and proud of myself after every class and I also walk away with the desire to continue improving and working hard to be the best me I can be!"


Recovery: Restoring Yoga

Lydia Lowry - "It’s a wonderful way to end the work week. After taking classes from Saturday through Thursday, the stretching, rolling out, and pull of the muscles feels very very good! I leave so relaxed and “open”-feeling!"


Groove: Cardio Dance

Bonnie Lang - "Groove is a fun and energetic class. The instructors are fantastic and going to class is great because it feels like a friendly community. I just can’t stop smiling during and after class. It’s great!"


Restorative: Rehabilitative Barre

Mary Jane Jones, Martha Smith, Heather Logan - "There is a well-rounded selection of exercises, careful explanations, modifications when needed. It works all areas of the body at a level that works for me. It is the best exercise to counteract age. We walk out both tired and better than before."

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About the Author

Emily is the Studio Manager and Assistant Director of Training at Dancers Shape. She completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification from The Yoga Institute in Houston, TX in 2012. In summer 2014, Emily wanted to expand her knowledge and completed another 200-hour yoga certification with Austin yogi, Gioconda Parker. This inspired her to continue her education and she is currently working through an advanced teacher training for the 300-hour level with both Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker. Read more about Emily here.