Testimonial: Thank You Isn’t Enough!

When we receive really kind comments and reviews about Dancers Shape, it absolutely makes our day, heck sometimes it makes our month! All that hard work paying off, andreally making a difference in a client’s life means the world to us. It reminds us how proud we are of what we created. So, we just had to share this incredible testimonial with you, and publicly thank Nicole Williams for taking the time and sharing her story with us.

What Nicole had to say:

“I am sure you have had many, many, testimonies over the years with your wonderful studio, but I thought one more could not hurt to hear! I cannot tell you how much your fitness classes, teachers and style has changed my life. To truly understand how much of an impact Shape has had on my life…let me start at the beginning.

I was always a very active person, from soccer year round, running half marathons and training with David King Fitness (they are no joke!!). However, at the same time I battled a very low immune system and difficult sinuses resulting in 16 surgeries over the last few years (even a procedure with Johns Hopkins University Hospital that failed). I was never able to continually stay healthy or in shape because of the varying illnesses I would catch. So I would train, get sick, try to recover, try to train, get sick… and around I went.

With the use of antibiotics and steroids to treat the immense sinus infections, I had gone from my typical 120 to 140 pounds in less than a year. I was frustrated and depressed, afraid I would never find my old self again.

Fast forward to a wonderful doctor who suggested I look into a low impact exercise that kept my heart rate no higher than 155 (gets too high because of the medications). Amanda McPherson suggested one day that I come along with her to Graceful.

I was skeptical, I had always gone hard core and intense and felt that was the only way I could get results. Which I did…the results being I got sick and ended up with infections I could not battle without surgery. My immune system was shot and I was fed up!!


Fast forward again…2 1/2 months after my first Graceful class. I am down to 127 pounds, I have only been sick one time (I’m a teacher, and with 9 students getting it I could not have avoided it) and it only knocked me down two weeks not two months and I was able to fight the infection without major interventions!!

I feel confident again, happy, and most importantly HOPEFUL….which I have not felt in a very, very long time!

Thank you from my immune system, my size 4 pants again, and my heart!!”




Nicole Williams

Second Grade Teacher

Lower School

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School