Spring Clean Your Routines

The weather is heating up and it's the perfect time to introduce fresh new habits just in time for spring. Here are a few easy tips to spring clean your daily routine.

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1. Try a New Class

A season change is a great time to incorporate something new into your routine. Switching up your workout classes is a great way to challenge your body so you can avoid plateauing. Plus cross training is the best approach to preventing an overuse injury. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and try some outdoor activities like biking or hiking. If you are more motivated by a group class try something out of your comfort zone like spin, boxing or our brand new Bikini Bootcamp on Wednesday nights! You need both cardio and strength training so maybe try a Pilates class in the morning and take an evening walk after dinner to digest, relax your mind, and get some extra cardio in.


2. Eat Fresh & Local

Stop by the farmer's market to see what's in season and get inspired to try a new fresh dish. Make veggies the star of your meals and experiment with new ingredients and recipes. Some spring veggie stars are artichokes, carrots, radishes, asparagus & peas.


3. Cut Heavy Carbs

Cold weather makes us reach for heartier dishes but as it warms up try eating less carb heavy dishes and more raw ones! Try to eat raw twice a day: green smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch are an easy way to incorporate raw fruits and veggies. Choose lower sugar fruits like berries, grapefruit and green apples over sweet fruits like pineapple and ripe bananas. For dinner choose a lean protein with a seasonal veggie (like grilled salmon with asparagus and pesto).

4. Control Portions

Measure serving sizes so you can educate yourself on what a single portion looks like. If you come home from work starving, prep ahead by cutting up some veggies at the beginning of the week so you can munch on them while you prepare dinner. That way you avoid chips or other fatty snacks while adding more veggies to your diet.

Do you have any other healthy tips for spring? Let us know in the comments.