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R&R Fitness Week 2: Add variety to your workout so your body & mind don't plateau

In week 2 of R&R, we are discussing the importance of mixing it up. Lucky for you, one of Dancers Shape's basic foundations is variety. Yahoo! DS works hard at creating fresh, new, safe programming so that your body and mind don’t plateau. We believe in the importance of a well balanced exercise routine that addresses strength and cardio needs.

1) Step out of your comfort zone and try a new class.

It is completely normal to feel intimidated when trying something new. For example, I don’t typically enjoy cardio exercise (unless it is dance). Running hurts my hips/back and cardio machines at the gym are mind numbing for me. So when I was invited to a spin class I was terrified but I wanted to see what all the rage was about. I told myself, “do what you can and have an open mind - it is just a bicycle.” Within the first minute of class I thought I might have to excuse myself because my quads were burning so bad. But then I remembered, it’s just a bike, not a competition. Sit down, slow down, and experience the class. Part of the fear factor in trying something new is the unknown. This is why I advise first timers to take it easy and just experience the movement and class without pushing too hard or placing pre-determined expectations on it.

Have you tried our Body By DS featured classes to shake up your routine? We have Groove & Glutes, Spin & Zen, and Lift & Tone to name a few. Whenever you try a new class we recommend arriving early to let your instructor know it is your first time. They will be happy to walk you through what to expect and be there for you every step of the way with modifications.

Now this leads me to my second challenge for you.

2) Give that new thing several chances before you make your mind up.

Don’t make your assessment after one shot. If I had done that with my first spin class I would never have done it again. It was hard, it was uncomfortable, and I did not feel confident because I couldn’t do what everyone else was doing. But I can tell you, I felt accomplished and proud of myself by finishing the class. So I decided to give it multiple tries before making a decision.

I started noticing I was getting stronger. I could maintain speed better. I left with a great cardio high without my body being in pain from jumping on hard surfaces. This became a cardio option I liked because I allowed myself the time needed to get comfortable and adjusted to this new movement before judging it.

At Dancers Shape, we recognize you might feel like we are speaking a different language on your first class. That’s why we offer New Client Specials - $20 Unlimited Week and $125 Unlimited Month. We want to give you plenty of time to get familiar with us.

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3) Once you have established different styles that work for you, then pre-register your weekly classes on our online scheduler and block off time in your calendar.

I use a color coded system so that my workouts jump out at me. I am at Dancers Shape working in my office most days of the week, and even I block out time on my calendar so that I stop what I am doing and jump in class. Pre-booking classes also ensures you will have a spot waiting for you on busy days and times. There is nothing more frustrating than wasting a trip to the studio and the class is full.

If you are not able to attend DS classes then try shaking things up with a new fitness video in the privacy of your own home. Or if you normally walk every day, add 30 second sprints sporadically to your route. If you do not have a gym that allows you to pre-register for classes then find a trainer you can pre-book with and/or mark you calendar for the days and times you will work out with the type of workout you will do.