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Q & A: Bikini Tips from a Pro

Bikini season is almost here so we went to a professional for some tips! Kandice Pelletier was a Radio City Rockette with Jennifer & went on to become Miss New York! She's also got her own pageant swimsuit line- Kandice Pelletier Swimwear. We asked her to share some of her favorite bikini tips with us!

DS: How did you & Jennifer first become friends?

KP: Jennifer and I first met at Radio City Music Hall where we shared many memories while high kicking for the Radio City Rockettes. Later Jennifer helped me with make-up for the Emmy Award winning show on CBS, Amazing Race. She shared tips on how to look the best possible while running around the globe!

DS: How did you get into the business of making swimsuits?

KP: When I was competing for Miss New York and eventually Miss America I could not find a swimsuit that helped me reflect all the hard work I was putting in at the gym, that wasn’t digging in my sides or cutting off my leg line. After I was done women from all over the country started coming to my mom and I for custom suits. What started out as a custom business has transformed into helping all women who want to feel confident at the beach or on the stage.

DS: What makes a quality suit? Are there things we should look for or stay away from while shopping?

KP: Solid hardware detail is always a plus to look for when selecting a suit. Defitintely make sure a suit has lining and nice fabric. A suit should be double lined if it is white or neon so it’s not see through. And of course FIT is it!.

DS: What are the latest trends in swimsuits?

KP: One piece suits are becoming increasingly popular. Strappy suits are still a big trend as well as patterned styles combined with neon colors.


DS: Is there a universally flattering suit/style?

KP: A halter style suit with cups and underwire as well as a scooped bottom is a style that looks good on almost every body type. We have had the classic Jody suit in our collection from the very beginning and it’s continued to be a favorite! If your concerned about tan lines, opt for a structured bandeau top.

DS: What tips can the everyday girl steal from the pageant world for how to look great in a swimsuit?

KP: We have some of the most particular clients anywhere because they are literally under the spotlight and need to make a head turning first impression. We have suited the past four Miss America and suited all the women for the Miss USA competition in 2014. These women put a lot of focus on their fitness but they are also masters of illusions.

Tips: Everyone looks good with a little color. Spray tans are of course a big one! A nice leg line and a suit that has a scoop in the front and back helps bring in the waistline. Know your body type.

DS: Check out Kandice's tips for picking a suit based on your body type here!

DS: What do you do to stay fit?

KP: I love pilates and barre. I also try to do an old lady power walk once in a while.


Thanks for taking the time to answer our swimsuit questions Kandice! Make sure to check out her blog for more great posts.