Pre/Post Natal Fitness

Here at Dancers Shape, we know exercising during pregnancy is greatly beneficial for low risk mothers. In fact, just recently I was chatting with our on staff physical therapist, Dr. Toussaint Biondi, and she shared this excellent blog that I thought our new mom’s and mom’s to be would really appreciate - Three Reasons You Should Rehab Like An Athlete After Having a Baby.

Dancers Shape has always specialized in Pre and Post Natal fitness where clients’ can grab our pre/post natal booklet and follow along in a regular class. However, while this booklet has invaluable information which is reviewed in a prenatal private, I see that the information needs to be repeated multiple times before clients truly settle into their correct breathing patterns and modifications. Therefore we decided to take our knowledge to the next level by adding a specialized pre & post natal fitness class to our standing schedule!

Introducing Dancers Shape Pre/Post Natal Fitness class beginning Saturday June 8th. Join Carissa every Saturday at 10:30 am for a thorough full body work-out specifically geared to preparing and rehabbing your body before and after baby! Feel free to email us any questions.

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