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Our Newest Class: The Split

Are you a busy working professional? Do you feel there are not enough days in the week to get your work outs in? Are you interested in a class designed specifically for weight loss? Then Dancers Shape has got you covered! Come try our New Split Class: 30 minutes barre/core & 30 minutes spin.

This class is designed to counter balance and target all the muscle groups neglected in Spin. The first half of class will begin with strengthening all of your balancing muscles and will mobilize your spine in multi-directions. Once you have toned and rebalanced your body, we will end with a cardio blasting spin section. This condensed format is the most effective design to not injure yourself while achieving weight loss goals.

How does the Split class work?

Cardio is necessary to maintaining healthy heart and lung function. Spin is a fantastic cardio activity that allows you to be more gentle on your joints versus other impact exercises like running. However, Spin mainly focuses on one plane of movement and is very repetitive. This constant repetition can cause overuse and strain in your neck, back, and knees.

The Split class takes the opportunity to balance the body by strengthening the abductors, adductors, & rotators (all the stabilizers around the joints). This class also moves and strengthens the spine in multiple planes to rebalance the body and open up your posture.

Why do you do strength before cardio?

We intentionally placed the strength piece of the class first because research and science shows that by beginning with strength work, you will get to the “fat burning” process faster. Then follow that up with your cardio and boom - it will result in a much higher percentage of fat being burned. Plus, Barre and Pilates requires precision and acute concentration for it to be effective. Cardio will fatigue your muscles and your concentration - leaving you with poor form. You can hurt yourself or just be wasting your time because moves are done incorrectly.

Who is this class for?

This class is for those looking for quick weight loss results and/or those busy individuals who only have time to do a few workouts a week.