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Open House 2019 Partner: Restoring Harmony Massage

Dancers Shape’s Open House is Saturday March 30th from 8 am - 2 pm. Over the next three weeks we will be highlight one of our local neighbors who is partnering with us for complimentary services or treats. Tune in to our blog weekly to see what makes them special!

Up first, Restoring Harmony Massage who will be providing chair massages from 10 am - 12 noon the day of our event!

Q: What is your favorite service you offer and why?

A: I would have to say my deep tissue massage is what I specialize in, so I tend to favor it more. I love this service because I understand what it means to have chronic pain or just have those knots that are continuously nagging at you, and I find with my deep tissue work I am able to work and provide some relief of those pesky knots while also providing some much needed relaxation for my clients.


Q: What is your favorite thing about doing business in this neighborhood?

A: I absolutely love working in this neighborhood because there are tons of small, local businesses and it has this original, cool vibe which is something that made me fall in love with Austin in the first place.

Q: What makes you unique:

A: Tips are included in my pricing. Clients seem to love this perk!

Read more about Breann’s services or book a session with her here.