New Class: Donation Meditation

Our modern lives move fast. Stimulus from the outside world can distract us from listening to our bodies and emotions. This can lead to ignoring signs of mental, emotional, and physical distress. By removing this outside stimulus and sitting in silence, we can observe our minds and bodies. We can once again reconnect to who we are, identify how we feel about and react to life’s pressures, and discover what we need to do to maintain a peaceful, positive attitude towards life.

Begin this new year with us at Dancers Shape every Sunday afternoon at 5:30pm (starting Jan 15) to reconnect. We will explore different methods to calm and focus the mind. You will then be guided through visualization, breathing, and self-awareness techniques as you meditate. We will provide props for you to sit comfortably, but you are welcome to bring anything else that may assist you. We are excited to provide this as a donation based offering! Each month we will choose a charity or non-profit organization to donate all proceeds towards. We will be taking cash only for donations and suggest a $10 donation, but will gladly accept the amount you are able to give.

Don’t have experience meditating? You are welcome and encouraged to come! No need to feel intimidated. There is no test or measuring stick to qualify “success,” as meditation is a constantly changing, personal practice. The concept of meditation is slow down enough to observe ourselves, our thoughts, and our reactions without placing judgement. Check out our previous blog on Mindful Meditation for tips on how to start and what to expect. And believe it or not, embarking on a new journey, such as meditation, is helpful with the support of a community. Let’s start this year powerfully and positively together!