MCG's New Album!

As many of you know our very own instructor Mariclaire is in a pretty sweet band called MCG. Their first album is coming out next month on February 7th (go to their Release Party at the North Door!) so we thought this would be a good time to chat with Mariclaire and find out more. Buy the album on Bandcamp, or any of your other favorite online music stores.


DS: What's your history with music?

MG: I started singing at a young age. I was always trying to be like my big brother, Evan, who had his own band at the early age of 12, and has been my music hero since before I can remember. I picked up guitar when I was 14, and did the high school choir/musical theatre thing. When I was 17, I wrote my first song and every since I've had a longterm relationship with the emotive/cathartic process of songwriting. I grew up listening to Motown, the good ole' oldies of the late 50s-early 70s, and everything my brother was into (aka 90s alternative rock). Joni Mitchell, Carol King and Ella Fitzgerald are my girls.

DS: How did MCG come to be?

MG: My brother and I got in the studio over a year ago to record an album of the strongest songs I'd written over the past few years. He flew in from LA a few times and we had a blast in the studio. Once I had the finished product, I knew I needed to find musicians to join up with to bring the album to life, and ultimately begin a musical journey with. Over the course of 5 months, I had collected what I believe to be the most perfect mix of band mates a girl could ask for.

DS: How do you find inspiration for songs?

MG: Most of the time, I write songs so that I can better understand how I really feel about things beneath the surface. In times of a budding relationship, turmoil/heartache, or in dry spells of jaded reflection, I utilize the introspective process of songwriting to discover my unspoken longings and give them a voice through music. Other times, when it's not so easy or I am uninspired, I'll simply resurrect a favorite old album, or start listening to a new band as a sounding board for new ideas. I get bored with my own personal style and am always trying to reinvent my sound.

DS: Tell us about your plans for Compatible Creature's release.

MG: The album release will be at the North Door on Feb 7! We will be joined by our band friends The Gents and The Cover Letter who will be releasing their most recent EP. RSVP here.

DS: How do you put together outfits for performing? You always look so fab.

MG: Hahaha oh stop it! (waves hand dismissively). I definitely keep an eye out for what's trending like any other Pinterest devotee. But seriously, I used to shop and only get clothes that I felt made sense for me to wear in public/hanging out with friends. Now, when I go shopping, I buy the clothes that my awesome rockstar alter-ego would wear. It feels weird putting on my sparkle tights and teasing my hair up like david bowie, but it's all about the rock n' roll am I right?!

DS: What are your future plans for MCG?

MG: To infinity and beyond! Haha. We have SXSW plans as well as a Texas tour in May. This Friday (1/30) we will be on Fox & News KTBC Good Day Austin at 9:45am. We will be talking about our album release and playing one of the songs off the album Compatible Creature. Watch here this Friday!

MCG I Love the Time

Watch MCG's first music video: