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Lift & Tone

As I hit my mid 40’s I have noticed changes in my body that are new and sometimes frustrating. I wanted to switch up my routine and protect my muscle and bone mass by adding a class that used heavier weights. We all know variety is the best way to avoid plateauing and to keep yourself engaged. By staying true to the Dancers shape techniques and philosophies, which are injury prevention and variety, we created our newest class called Lift and Tone to help freshen and strengthen your routine.

Body by DS - November’s Featured Class:


***This class requires tennis shoes.

As we age, we begin to lose bone density and muscle mass and one of the best ways to prevent this from happening is through weight lifting. We have designed this 45 minute class to target your large muscle groups as well as the small stabilizers by alternating heavy weights with barre work. This combination will improve muscle mass and bone density while not neglecting our injury prevention focus of barre and pilates.

Catch this class every Monday at 9:30 am and Wednesday at 5:45 pm with Jennifer.