Good Luck Toussaint

I am always bragging about my Dancers Shape family, and it is time to let one of my first chickies fly. I first interviewed Toussaint in the coffee shop which once stood next door to the studio. My walls were still in the process of being built so I toured her around the framework and dust pointing out where the front studio would be. After chatting about her Pilates and dance background, she told me her grandmother had been a “Roxyette.” With those words I knew I had to hire her. (The Roxyettes were the original Rockettes before they were brought to NYC and re-named the Rockettes).

I began training her in a temporary location and occasionally in my parents TV room. The stress levels were quite high starting a new business, and I knew she was terrified since it was her first teaching job and with a brand new technique. She sailed through her first class and never looked back. From housekeeping Fridays to Assistant Director of Training, I have watched Toussaint grow into a strong and confident woman who is about to pursue the next chapter in her life – attending physical therapy school.


Toussaint has promised to visit and guest teach the occasional class or workshop so keep your eyes peeled for the notice. But until then, please join Toussaint before her last class on Sunday July 28th. We wish her the best of luck on this exciting journey!


About the Author

Jennifer McCamish is owner and Director of Programming and Training at Dancers Shape. Jennifer has over 30 years of dance experience with training from legendary institutes in New York City, London, Los Angeles and New Orleans. She received a B.A. in Dance from the University of Texas at Austin (Dean’s List) and was a professional dancer in New York City for thirteen years. She danced at Radio City Music Hall as a Radio City Rockette performing in numerous productions of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Fifi Awards and the NYC Christopher Columbus Day Parade. Read more about Jennifer.