Get To Know The Chair Plus Class

We recently launched our March Madness Chair Plus special (5 Class Card: Limited Time 20% off AND your first class is FREE)! We have had great response with the Chair Plus class and we wanted to share what our clients are saying about it! Scroll down to see how to sign up.

“This class is great! It’s challenging and motivating and shows you precisely where your weak areas are.”

“Chair Plus is a lot of fun and breaks up challenging chair and balance sequences with more stabilized moves. I also loved the cardio mixed into it as well.”

“This class is just what I needed to get back in my workouts. I loved it!”


  • Chair Plus allows clients to experience a unique equipment class that pushes your concentration, balance and strength to a new level by incorporating an overhead resistance band system meshed with power packed choreography.
  • A smaller group setting allows for additional instructor attention while keeping a quick paced flow set to fun music for a non-stop strength and cardio burn.
  • By incorporating this sophisticated piece of Pilates equipment, clients are able to challenge their balance and body control in a way not possible with their own body weight.
  • The variety of modifications and spring loaded resistance options offers clients more or less assistance to accommodate different levels.
  • Rates stay affordable with a smaller group setting.

Always remember to check the online scheduler.