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Get to Know Dancers Shape's Nutrition Health Coach Megan Adams Brown

What drew you to nutrition and health coaching? How did you make your way to DS?

As long as I can remember I’ve always been interested in nutrition and food. In college I even had a hard time deciding which route to go and ultimately I chose writing over science and math, which have never been my strong suits. Then after college, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and it drew me back to nutrition with a totally different perspective.

That’s when I started learning about the body’s ability to heal and I was fascinated and also sorta blown away at how I’d never heard food talked about this way. It wasn’t long after that I was on a flight to New York to visit a friend and I sat next to a girl reading a nutrition text book. I asked about it and she told me about the school that 6 months later I went on to attend.

I made my way to Dancers Shape when I was looking for a workout that would help me rehabilitate and strengthen my shoulder, which I’ve had trouble with ever since having my twin daughters in 2015. The classes at Dancers Shape have helped me build strength and regain mobility and function. All in an environment that’s been supportive and not at all intimidating. For that I am so grateful! Jennifer helped me really get going with it and in January she asked me to be part of their Reset and Rebalance Challenge for the New Year.

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Who are your services for? What kind of people benefit from Health Coaching?

Anyone who wants to feel healthier, change their habits, live a healthier lifestyle that feels effortless. Basically, everyone. Health coaching is ideal for anyone who wants to make a change but isn’t sure where to start, or is having a hard time getting started and sticking with it on their own. Health coaching gives you that push and a much clearer path so you can make changes more quickly and with more ease and less stress. Having that support and accountability to make it happen makes such a difference - it’s really amazing.

What kind of results can people expect?

The most important thing people take away from our working together is feeling more confident in the choices they’re making every day. They’re more in tune and connected with their own body and their own unique needs. Everybody is different in what they need to thrive. And when you know what that is for you, everything becomes so much easier and more effortless, and eventually second nature. I see people become more mindful and present, less stressed, more at ease and my favorite: ninjas in the kitchen!

What is your goal with offering these private sessions?

At Dancers Shape you’re here to move, reach your fitness goals, and stay healthy and fit. As your nutrition coach, I’m here to support you in your pursuit of those goals. The way I see it, what you eat and how you move are like two sides of a coin. You need both sides to maintain a strong body and mind. One fuels and inspires the other and vice versa. And I might as well just come out and say it… you’re never gonna get toned abs on a diet of tacos and pizza (sorry!). That’s not to say tacos and pizza can’t be part of a healthy diet - they absolutely should be. It’s all about balance! ;) So our goal is better balance on the plate so you can balance even better in class (and in life too).