Favorite Beauty Products

We all have that one beauty product we can’t live without. Mine is sunscreen, but we’ll get to that in a future post.

I polled a few of the Dancers Shape instructors, and here are a some of their favorite, can’t-live-without items that you might find useful as well!


Baby yourself

Mariclaire Gamble’s favorite is an easy find at any drug store: baby powder. Gamble calls it the “duct tape of beauty” for its many functions. She uses it to avoid odor in her shoes and to absorb oil on her scalp. And she has a fun beauty trick. After applying mascara, Gamble adds a thin layer of baby powder on top of her eyelashes with a Q-tip. “It makes your lashes look two times as big,” she says.


Make a splash with color

Sara Paul can’t live without Sephora’s nail polish by OPI in the shade metro chic. She says the lovely gray-purple hue can easily be dressed up or down and is appropriate for any season. “I travel a lot, and if I only have space for one nail color, that’s the one,” she says.


Embrace your inner sexy bombshell

Andrea Lindzey likes to add a little oomph to her hair with Spray & Play texturizing hair spray from Big Sexy Hair. The product gives her the freedom to create a killer voluminous hairstyle. “It lets you play around with your hair to mold a rock star look, or you can flip your hair, spray, and flip it back over for a pumped-up, bombshell do,” she says. The product works great for fine hair, too. “I have a pixie cut, and this product is my best friend. I use it every day whether I’m teaching dance, meeting clients through my work in advertising or singing on stage.”


Pamper your skin

Like many of us, Katie Martin is addicted to her Clarisonic cleansing device. “I love it because my face feels so clean when I use it, and then I can feel the moisturizer sinking into my thirsty pores,” she says.

What beauty products do you love?

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